Thursday, 29 December 2011

Nissin milk seafood pot noodles

Nissin's pot noodles 48th anniversary album!!

Winter special edition with milk broth!
Usually I do not drink the soup, but since it was milk, I drank all of it.]
At the bottom there was black pepper.
The overall taste was quite soothing and not too creamy.
Anyway I am sure the Japanese would have adjusted the taste for Asian people.

Sze Hing Loong Green Pea Snack

Some well established brand in Hong Kong that still uses an old commercial.
Although attempts have been made to copy Western products such as the sultana biscuits.
In an expats point of view, it still tastes Hongkie!

Anyway tried these green pea snacks which were wasabi flavoured.
It has a similar texture to Nik Naks but without the grounded wheat bits.

Tulip pork luncheon meat

Fatter and greasier version of Denmark's Tulip brand chopped ham
It was much softer than the chopped ham version.

Fudgee bar macapuno

This was bought from a Philipino store and I loved it, much better than those artifical long life cakes sold in supermarkets that contain lots of grease.
It tastes fresh and was very coconutty.
The only negative comment would be the food colouring

Suntory chocolate drink

Hot chocolate in a can.
The can of chocolate was bought from a heated cabinet in a convenience store.
Not sure if this drink can be warmed in a can because the shop sold it as a warmed drink in a heated cabinet.

As for the taste it was quite watery.

Suncrest fudgee bar

Bought this from a supermarket in Hong Kong, however it tastes worse the ones bought from the Philipines which are also from the brand.
The ones in Hong Kong are oily.
The packaging is mostly the same except the Hong Kong is made higher end by using card packaging and gloss print.

Ferrero Rond Noir

Dark chocolate version of the usual ferrero roche.

Ito En Oi Ocha Dark green tea

Was amazed that this product is from America because it is sold in convenience stores in HK.
I would have thought it would have been cheaper importing from Asia.

As for the taste it was not that memorable.

First Choice Napolitana Instant cup pasta

I got the instructions wrong, so it probably could have tasted better. I assumed that you add boiling water and the soup base at the same. But your meant to add the hot water and let it stand for five minutes and then
add the soup base.

Overall I felt there was a strong carotene and paprika taste.

NODATE powdered green tea

Posted this because I liked the green tea shaker with googly eyes stuck on it!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Nissin crab flavoured cup noodles

I never thought I would be writing a review on Nissin's cup noodles because they are commonly found on the shelves of supermarkets and at Chinatown overseas.
Anyway, it tastes OK, but nothing like a British Pot noodle!

The noodles are thinner and so is the consistency of the soup.

There are dehydrated sweetcorn, surimi crabmeat, seaweed and and cabbage.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Garden Saltine Vegetable flavoured crackers

There was no vegetable taste and I did not expect them to taste good.
However you can see that attempts have been made to make it vegetable flavoured by the tiny piece of green leaf stuck on it!

Nissin's Instant Vietnamese chicken and coriander glass vermicelli noodles

Glass vermicelli is not often a product in cup noodles so thats why I tried it.

Overall I found the taste and smell very plastic.

The vermicelli took ages to soften and it was very chewy.

Cocoa truffles by Le Maitre chocolatier Belgique

They looked totally different to the product shot! Infact they looked like big versions of flattened Hershey's kisses dusted with cocoa!
The texture was silky and melts in your mouth. It was slightly like dehydrated whipped cream.
The sweetness was just right.

Mashed potato with truffle

Some product from a Japanese supermarket sold in Hong Kong.

Cant understand why it is called mashed potato salad with truffle, it looks like plain mashed potato to me with black truffle!

Smiths Aussie Fries

Did not realise these were Australian! But anyway I loved them.
Almost like a miniature version of French Fries but not soft inside.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Belgian chocolate cups by Noble chocolates

Interesting chocolates in a form of chocolate cups.
There were five flavours: Mocha, Champagne, Kirsch, Extra praline and White Praline.
The taste of the alcohol could have been stronger, but the chocolate filling inside that was praline/truffle did not have that melt in your mouth texture.
It was like lard.
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