Saturday, 7 December 2019

[Review] Lidl Deluxe Ploughman's Plum Chutney

Discovered a jar of Plum Chutney in the cupboard so had it with Toad in a hole because I was too lazy to make some gravy.
The tart chutney complemented the Yorkshire nicely as well as the sausages.

[Review] Iceland Toad in the Hole £1 meal

I have been trying out Iceland £1 meals because they look legit but then frozen meals cost around £1-4 depending on portion size and ingredients.

Iceland's Toad in the Hole needed the oven so didn't try it until recently.

Basically, it is quite a big piece of Yorkshire so it is quite filling and gravy is definitely needed for that extra delicious factor.

When it was done, I was too lazy to make gravy even though gravy these days are instant by just adding water.
I had the Toad in the Hole with plum chutney which complemented it nicely and the pork sausages were as good as I expected.

[Review] M&S Carrot Cake

Got some carrot cake from Marks and Spencers which I thought was the usual carrot cake.

When I took a closer look at the description, there was pineapple, raisins, coconut and walnuts topped with cream cheese frosting and a light dusting of cinnamon.
Overall, I loved this carrot cake because it was moist while the coconut and pineapple added a different sweet dimension to it.

[Review] M&S Blueberry Pancakes

Tried the M&S Blueberry Pancakes which looked promising as you could see all these blueberries in the pancake.

It was fluffy and soft complimented nicely with clotted cream but the thing that let it down was the blueberry aroma which was very artificial.

[Review] Tunnock's Caramel Log

Tunnock's is a famous brand that has been around since the 1890s with well known treats like the caramel wafers and teacakes.
The treats are wrapped in a signature metallic foil paper wrap.
The caramel wafers are deliciously chewy while the teacakes are filled with marshmallow.

Tried Tunnock's Caramel log which is just the caramel wafer coated in roast coconut.

Overall, I would definitely recommended it if you love chewy caramel and aromatic coconut.

[Review] Jamaican Miracle Peanut Punch

Spotted Peanut Punch at the newsagent so decided to try it, as well as peanut punch the Miracle brand also had Eggnog.
Miracle is a Jamaican brand so I was excited in trying it as I love Caribbean and Jamaican food.

Taking a sip of the peanut punch, I found it quite thick and was hit by intense flavours of peanut as well as condensed milk so it was quite sweet and aromatic yet very different to peanut butter.
I would definitely recommend trying this drink or diluting it with milk or vegan milk if you find it too sweet.

[Review] Tesco Salted Caramel Mousse

Tried Tesco finest salted caramel mousse which was light and fluffy.

Its was creamy and not too sweet with a taste similar to butterscotch.

Overall I was glad I chose the salted caramel mousse over the Belgian chocolate mousse.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

[Review] Rodda's classic Cornish clotted cream

I love clotted cream so I like trying out different brands to see if they are any different.
Rodda's classic Cornish clotted cream had a nice design, it was printed on both sides.

The tub was big which is great for people like me who cannot get enough of clotted cream.

The texture of the clotted cream seemed quite thick when I put my knife in it but at the bottom it was lovely and gooey.

As for the taste, it was extremely fragrant just like heavenly condensed milk without the sweetness.
I wouldn't mind having this everyday as it melts in your mouth.
Rodda's clotted cream is that nice that it tastes so good on scone without any jam.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this clotted cream.

Monday, 25 November 2019

J2o Glitterberry

I didn't try this product but I found it visually attractive.
The good thing is that it is a pretty drink that is non alcoholic with swirling glitter.

The glitter is at the bottom so you have to shake it thoroughly to get the sparkling effects.

[Review] Morinaga Milk Tea Cake

Tried the Morinaga Milk Tea Cake which I got from the convenience store.
Sadly as tea lover I was disappointed with these cakes as they were too sweet and the texture was weird.

[Review] Korean Dark Snickers

Snickers is a popular chocolate bar with caramel and peanuts covered in milk chocolate.
It can be quite sweet so dark chocolate snickers is ideal.
I liked the way it was two smaller bars inside so you don't have to finish it in one go.

Overall, I found the dark chocolate version satisfying and guilt free.

Kitkat Mint 2 Ways (Australia)

Kitkats used to be boring but there are now so many different editions and flavours from different countries.
Recently tried the Kitkat Mint 2 Ways from Australia which is visually pretty.

One end is chocolate and the other end is mint green.

It is 2 ways in the sense that one side has crispy bits while the other side is smooth.

Overall, I liked it because I agree with mint chocolate flavours but I preferred the smooth side.

[Review] Twix Dark Chocolate

I love Twix but it can get a bit sweet sometimes hence the Twix Dark Chocolate is ideal.
The sweetness is balanced by the dark chocolate.

[Review] Pocky Choco Mint

I love anything that is mint chocolate so tried the Pocky Choco Mint.
The box was cute, it was mint coloured which matched the contents.

The pocky sticks were more or less how it looked on the product picture.
The biscuit stick was chocolate flavoured covered in mint chocolate.

Overall quite delicious if you like mint chocolates but the chocolate texture is a bit waxy.

[Review] 唯怡 Viee Nut beverage - Plant protein beverage

Tried the nut beverage which doesn't seem to have much English on it except the label.
The taste was thick and syrupy without any distinctive nut taste but according to the ingredients there were things like cashew nuts and walnuts etc.

Overall, I would like to see more English labelling on it before I recommend this drink.
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