Monday, 30 December 2019

[Review] Turkey Curry at Leon

Originally I was planning to eat at Padella next door but it turned out to be an hours wait so had Leon instead as they were doing a Turkey Curry over the boxing day period.

According to the ad, it was British turkey, carrots and parsnips in a creamy curry sauce, topped with a sprinkling of crispy onions.

The food was served in a flash but then Leon is classified as a fast food chain with healthy food in mind.
The curry sauce looked a bit dry and dehydrated and to my disappointment I was given the cold turkey but they were happy to change it for a hot one without quibble.

The piping hot Turkey curry was absolutely delicious with a taste similar to Coronation chicken but much better as it had starchy parsnips and soft carrot chunks.

Overall, I was so glad I tried the Turkey Curry because the creamy curry paired with Italian brown rice which has a lovely al dente texture.

[Review] Breakfast at Debenhams Cafe, Eastbourne

Debenhams Cafe has been in Eastbourne since I don't know when but sadly quite a few stores are closing down nationwide including Eastbourne.

At Debenhams Cafe they serve breakfast, lunch in a traditional British Cafeteria style where you order what you see.

 Photo taken the previous day with bubble on the left.

As they are closing down, I went last time for breakfast.

Previously dined here in my younger years but sadly I didn't take photos.

I was late so many items had run out including the bubble which was served the previous day so I settled for 4 items with an extra black pudding.

Overall, it was your usual breakfast fare with a lovely view of town through those wooden pane windows.

The blurred edges of the glass transom windows added to the ambiance which you won't find in modern eateries.

[Review] Vegan Steak Bake at Coughlans Bakery

Approaching the end of the year to January, many restaurants and shops will be launching vegan foods for #veganuary .
I like the way Coughlans has the vegan steak bake way before Greggs which I will try later.

As well as the Vegan Steak Bake, they also have the Vegan three cheese and onion pasty which I didn't get the chance the try as I was not in the area.

The Vegan Steak Bake at Coughlans has sesame on it to distinguish it from the the steak bake.

The price of this vegan steak bake is £2.95 which is slightly more than Greggs at £1.55 according to online media photos.

Anyway, when you bite into the vegan steak bake, the pastry is just as good as any pastry in the sense that it is crisp and flaky.
It took me a while to get to the centre of the bake but I was greeted with a lovely gravy loaded with mushrooms and vegan steak.
The vegan steak pieces was tasty and the texture was like firm bouncy tofu that is just the right bite without being too rubbery so overall I really enjoyed this vegan steak bake.

Sadly, Coughlans was closed on Sunday so I didn't try the vegan cheese and onion as well as the Vegan sausage and leek.

They also have other captivating treats like Butterscotch yum yum and the iced apple lattice.

Will definitely give them a try when I am next in town!

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

[Review] East 22 - East London Pie and Mash in Eastbourne

I was really chuffed that there is a pie and mash shop in Eastbourne, it has been here since 2012 according to comments on the web.
It was formerly known as Seaside Pie and Mash but it changed owners at some point hence the new name East 22.

When you go inside, you are greeted with the typical pie and mash 19th Century style dark wood tables, the green tiles reminded me of Cockney's in Croydon.

On the walls, it had pictures of other notable pie and mash restaurants which surprised me because Pie and Mash shops are quite competitive so I like the way the owner appreciates pie and mash just like me.

On the menu, you will find the signature pie and mash as well as jellied eels.

Other options available are sausages and mash, haddock and parsley sauce as well as British desserts like sticky toffee but it would be good if they serve tea as well.

As I haven't tried any pie mash vegetarian pie yet, decided to try it here as they have it which is made with Quorn mince.
Additionally I requested for some jelly from the jellied eels because I just love it.

Tea came first which was served in a customized East 22 mug.
On the table were the usual condiments, vinegar etc.

The parsley liquor was thick and comforting.

Moving on the Quorn mince pie, it was delicious as the quorn mince had this meaty marmite taste.
Adding vinegar to it made it appetizing.

Last but not least was the jelly, it was different to the other ones I have tried.
The jelly was not as clear as the others but it was stronger in taste as you could taste the cloves, pepper and salt.

To summarize, I am definitely coming back again for the quorn mince pie which I will try with gravy next time.

East 22 ( Seaside Pie and Mash)
22 Seaside Road

Seven Dials Market in London

Street food has been taking the storm in UK for years now like the Borough Market.
Enter Seven Dials Market which is a spacious modern foodhall which equips independent businesses with permanent fixtures while there is a comfortable hall for people dine in.

There are two floors, the street level one features a Monty's deli, club Mexicana and The cheese bar with the world's first cheese conveyor belt restaurant.

On the lower ground floor you have pasta, Asian food etc.

To summarize, depending on how successful the restaurants are, you might find restaurants coming and going quite fast. 

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