Sunday, 11 December 2011

Best Buy Baked Beans and al fresco chicken sausages

Felt like having a fry up, but I have to admit that THIS IS NOT TRADITIONAL because I have put rice in it as well.
I would have wanted it to be more traditional but I couldnt find any black pudding or proper rashers in the local Hong Kong supermarkets.
In the end, I decided to make it light cooking just baked beans, sausages and egg with some rice just as a filler.
Baked Beans:
At the supermarket, the brands of baked beans available were Smedleys, Best Buy, Heinz, Ayam and Waitrose.
I didnt get Heinz because its the standard brand in UK. Smedleys looked too localised, there was so much chinese on the packaging, and Waitrose is an upper end brand similar to Marks and Spencers.
So in the end, I got Best Buy, a cheap brand imitating the No frills economic brand in the UK.
Next time I am going to try Ayam which is surprisingly a Malaysian brand!

Best buy baked beans
The taste of baked beans:
I was quite surprised it tasted quite nice, however perhaps it was over flavoured.
The tomato sauce was lovely and tangy which I appreciated yet it was really sweet at the same time. The sweetness was slightly artificial, the type of sweetness you find with saccharin and other artificial sweeteners.
They are navy beans according to the label and they are visually slightly bigger than the Heinz brand.
For the sausages, it was hard to find the traditional British pork sausages, so I got chicken instead because there is less offal and chewy bits in it.
The rest on the shelf were frankfurter varieties and not pork sausages.
I bought the al-fresco brand of chicken sausages and it contained thyme and sage, which you could see beneath the transparent sausage skin.

al fresco chicken sausages
Sausage taste:
I didnt expect them to be spicy, but they were slightly spicy. Overall they were meaty in texture and the herbs in it resembled the ones in the pork sausage.

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