Thursday, 20 February 2020

[Restaurant Review] Breakfast at Surrey Cafe

Went to Surrey Cafe twice because I really enjoyed the food.
I am always trying different places for English Breakfast to see how they are.

As well as Breakfast, they have burgers, Pukka Pies and other homemade dishes.
The staff here are wonderful and friendly.

On the first visit, just had a sausage and egg.
When it came, it was egg and bacon, although it was not what I ordered, the bacon was trimmed and looked good.

But anyway, the sausage and egg I had was perfect so came back again for more because I found out that they use my favourite St Nicholas Baked Beans which are more savoury in taste.

A few days later, I was back for the breakfast.
As you can imagine, it was very hard to make up my mind so had the Set 1 Breakfasts which includes beans, sausage, egg, bacon and 2 slices of toast with tea.

The buttered toast was so good because it was buttered with real butter and having two slices was very satisfying. In a way I regretted not getting the bigger breakfast which comes with bubble.

Anyway, top marks for it all.

Surrey Cafe Croydon:
35 Surrey Street

Singer Sewing shop in Croydon

This has nothing to do with food but felt like posting this because Singer is an old sewing brand that used to be in every British home.
Anyway, I like this shop because of the huge button door handle and it just looks old.

[Review] Yo Sushi at Purley Tesco Extra

Tried the vegetarian green and beets and loved it.
The sushi guy at the counter was as cute as Keanu Reeves!!!

Julian's Artisan Bakery at Surrey Street Market

[Restaurant Review] Trying the second Padella at Shoreditch

After getting addicted to pasta at Padella, I was delighted to learn that there was going to be a second branch in Shoreditch which finally opened on the 13th of February 2019.
As it was new, decided to try it as soon as possible so went there on a weekday for late lunch.
Padella offers affordable and tasty pastas which changed the scene in London.
They started off at London Bridge next to the Borough market where you will find endless queues of people going there.

Since there is a new branch at Shoreditch, I went and tried it two weeks after opening on a weekday lunch and we were seated within 10 minutes.

The layout of this place is on one floor with seating by the open kitchen, main dining area and another bar table by the other side.

The menu is much the same with the signature gnocci, pici caci e pepi and the parpadelle.

Sparkling water and Still water are complimentary.
As a fan of pastas, ordered the gnocchi, pici and tagliarini.

Started with the gnocchi with nutmeg butter which was a good start.
This has to be my ultimate favourite because each piece of gnocchi is soft and pillowy with a delicious taste of potatoes complimented by the nutmeg.

Next was the Pici cacio and pepe which looks like Udon smothered in delicious black peppery butter sauce.
Each strand is al dente with a firm texture to it.

Last but not least was the Tagliarini with dry chili and garlic.
It was good but I prefer the other one they did with Anchovy butter at Padella, London Bridge.
Still a good option for vegetarians.

Will definitely be back when they change the menu.

Padella Shoreditch
1 Phipp Street

Previous visits to Padella:

Stracci and Parpadelle at Padella - London Bridge:
Gnocchi and Anchovy Butter Tagliarini:

[Restaurant Review] IKEA £1 Breakfast

IKEA's breakfast for a pound was so successful last year that they are doing it again this year until 27th March 2019.
The 6 item breakfast includes: 1 sausage, 1 bacon, 1 omelette, 1 hash brown, baked beans and half a grilled tomato.
Vegetarian option includes: 1 vegetarian sausage, 1 hash brown, 1 omelette, baked beans, mushrooms and ½ grilled tomato.

Croydon IKEA was the nearest branch so went there.
It was 10am and there was a long queue already.

As I wanted to try the vegetarian sausage, I decided to order the vegetarian option for £1 since the sausage itself is 60p, so you might as well pay 40p extra for the 6 items.
To summarize, it was a really good deal and the omelette was fluffy and better than I expected.
However the vegetarian sausage was a bit disappointing as I found it a bit too sweet for my liking.

All was good but the cashier could have been friendlier as it was my first time using the FAMILY CARD so I didn't know the cost of the TEA would be taken off after swiping the code but she kept telling me to scan the barcode at the till without explaining.

Monday, 17 February 2020

[Restaurant Review] Shatkora Kebab at Whitechapel Fried Chicken

Mile End and Stepney Green have changed so much, there used be lots of fried chicken shops, Middle eastern grocery shops but the whole scene has changed since the London Olympics in 2012.
Areas surrounding Stratford have gentrified and with lots of QM students nearby, coffee shops are a must!

My favourite Perfect Fried Chicken shop has been replaced by Green pepper or something like that and the one opposite Stepney Green station is also gone.

For more fried chicken shops, you have to venture into the Whitechapel side where there is Whitechapel fried chicken and Perfect Fried chicken which is round the corner from Barclays banks.
For convenience Whitechapel is right outside Whitechapel station and this joint has the Shatkora Kebab which is kebab with Shatkora a citrus fruit from Bangladesh.
You would be surprised how busy this branch was as there were so many people.

Anyway, ordered a Shatkora kebab to dine there.

Kebab these days are just not the same because they don't stuff the doner meat inside the bread like how they used to.
It was comforting having the Shatkora kebab again but the citrus flavours were not strong enough and the doner meat was a little dry or it would have been perfect.

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