Monday, 8 February 2010

[OR6-8/2/2006] Canadian style food at Triple O's by White Spot (金鐘)

Totally agree with Jenn.m that this is Canadian food.

Yesterday I went to Triple O's for a burger.

I ordered a mushroom burger meal with extra egg and chose the blueberry milkshake for the drink.

The mushroom burger tasted very nice, quite a decent size, and complimented well with the sauces, the chips were also lovely, and I was pleased that there was vinegar to use, and table ketchup, all the necessaries that should go with the chips. The chips were medium cut, not too thin or too thick.

Lastly the milkshake was great. Their milkshakes are freshly whipped to order.

For a fast food restaurant, their staff were helpful, as they assisted me in pouring the ketchup when it did not want to come out of the bottle.

Next time, I shall try the Veggie burger.........

Triple O's by White Spot (金鐘)
Unit 009, LG1, Basement, Phase 2, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

Saturday, 6 February 2010

[OR5-6/2/2006] Terrible Food at 牛車水餐廳 Kreta Ayer Restaurant

Before going in, Kreta Ayer seemed like a better than average restaurant compared with others around Lai Chi Kok.

When we sat down, we decided to order some set meals from their menu, firstly it was hard trying to get a waiter to come over, when he finally came over, he told us not to order the set meals from the menu as it would take a long time. So we ended up ordering the Daily Set Menu.

I ordered Black Peppered Beef with Rice, which came with soup and drinks. Actually personally I felt their menu was rather boring. I think for lunch in Lai Chi Kok, it was rather over priced. For an average lunch in LCK, is only about 30 inc drinks and soup.

The restaurant was rather noisy and hectic, you have to chase the waiters, to serve you, bring the food and bring the bill. The 10% service charge should be knocked off since there is no service, and the food is overpriced.

牛車水餐廳 Kreta Ayer Restaurant
G28-34, G/F, Lei Sun Commercial Centre, No.680 Cheung San Wan Road, Cheung Sha Wan


[OR4-6/2/2006] Buffalo Wings at Ruby Tuesday Kowloon Bay

I chose Ruby Tuesday as I was looking forward to their spicy buffalo wings, featured on their promotional stand, however I was so disappointed when I got them, because on the picture, they were all featured as drummettes, but they turned out to be wings. I questioned the waiter and he explained that they come in batches of wings or drummettes, so it depends what type they get.
I would have preferred if the picture had a note saying for illustration purposes, because usually restaurants show pictures that are “What you see is what you get!!”

They also tasted ordinary, like what they taste at pizza hut, so I would not recommend ordering this item, as I would expect it would taste far better for a restaurant like this.

Anyway another side dish saved the day, which was cheese fries, they were nice thick fries with cheese melted on the top. Thankfully i had a 60% off voucher or I wouldn’t consider eating there.

One of the staff's attitude was quite strange, she was always staring at our table and she seemed quite rude since we sat down, she didn’t appear to understand English either.

Ruby Tuesday Kowloon Bay
Shop P26, Telford Plaza Phase One, 33 Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay

[OR3-6/2/2006] Wide vegetarian choice of Rice rolls at QQ Rice 西龍傳香飯糰

Wide vegetarian choice.

I was attracted to this fast food shop by its design, promoting healthy food.

Usually I do not eat glutinous rice or rice with fried dough inside, however I thought this one was rather special, as you get to choose different rices, and as a standard you can choose 6 different fillings, which is quite a lot since you normally would probably get to choose 3 or 4. The food is also displayed in front of you, so you can see what there is to choose.

First of all I chose the Ice lake wild rice, and it was really hard to choose the fillings, because the choice was amazing. I really liked the Vegetarian variety, as there were a lot of choices. I ended choosing: Crisp Caraway, Crispy Vegetarian Meat, Black Pepper Mushroom, Emperor Vegetable, and with two more choice left I chose Tuna and Crisp Shrimp Bran.

It tasted very nice, the Ice Lake wild rice was very fragrant, and the filling was as nice as imagined.

On other visits I also tried the Honey and Rice drink, which was very nice, not too sweet but keeping the flavour and the smell of the rice. As well as the Honey drink, I have also tried five rice drink, which was also nice, but it was a little bit creamy and viscous, but quite distinctive in taste since I haven’t seen this drink anywhere.

As for dessert I have tried the Milk Pudding, Five rice milk pudding. The Five rice milk pudding is basically the same as the Milk pudding, except there is an extra layer of rice beneath it. I enjoyed this dessert as they were not too sweet, and had a gentle flavour to it.

QQ Rice 西龍傳香飯糰
Shop 15, Choi Hong MTR station, Choi Hung

Review on openrice:

[OR2-6/02/2006] Buffet at 米奇廚師餐廳 Chef Mickey

I came to this restaurant for a dinner buffet, and was amazed that they had a wide range of international food to choose from: Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indian, and Western and desserts.

Cannot really comment, as I did not eat food from the Chinese area. But they still had har-gau and siumai at dinner time.

A nice range of sushi.

A good range of decent pizzas with nice toppings and a thin crust. Pitted green and black olives were also available and many other Italian herbs.

A really good selection of Indian food, ranging from pitta breads, curries, kebabs, spices and traditional long grained Indian rice.

They had a generous range of salads, sauces, mozzarella slices and tomato, thai salad, breads, Alaskan snow crab legs. There was an interesting item that fooled me looking like a button mushroom, when I tasted it, it turned out to be a taro shaped like a mushroom, the top was not peeled leaving the fibres and rings which made it mushroom looking. Very innovative.

As well as a good food range, they also had a good dessert range too. It consisted of Jelly, Tiramisu, Bread and Butter pudding, Truffles, Chinese desserts, fruit selection, Creme brulee, soft ice-cream and many more. The jelly had some nice berries (raspberries and blueberries) to compliment it, sprinkled loosely on the jelly.

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Lantau Island
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