Thursday, 18 December 2014

2014 Vitasoy cookies' n cream

Previously tried this drink before and it tastes like hazelnut milkshake.
The packaging this year is red and white with a milkshake picture.
Now available at 7-eleven.
$8.5 for one or $14.9 for two.

2013 Vitasoy cookies and cream carton:

‪Oreo‬ ‪white chocolate

‪#‎oreo‬ ‪#‎whitechocolate‬ $18 from 7-Eleven
These reminded me of white chocolate Toblerones but they were creamy sugary soft white chocolate on top of an oreo biscuit base.

롯데 (LOTTE) Charlotte

롯데 (LOTTE) Charlotte chocolate bars filled with rich chocolate.
Four in a box and partially wrapped.
$9.9 from 7-Eleven

Fujiya‬ ‪‎milky‬ creamy almond milk candies

‪#‎fujiya‬ ‪#‎milky‬ creamy almond milk candies with pieces of crispy almond in it!!
$11.9 from 7-Eleven

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mini Madeleines by Biscuiterie Saint-Michel

‪#‎madeleines‬ for ‪#‎breakfast‬ $19.9 from 7-Eleven by Biscuiterie Saint-Michel.
There are so many Madeleines in the bag and they are soft and not too sweet.
Great with coffee.

Tohato Caramel Corn Snack - Creamy Milk Flavor 80g,

Tohato Caramel Corn Snack - Creamy Milk Flavor 80g,
They reminded me of the British Wotsits but they had sweet and creamy milk taste!!!
$11.9 from 7-eleven.

Bourbon Blanchul White chocolate cookies

Creamy buttery white chocolate cookies by Bourbon $10.9 from 7-Eleven.
It was two thin crunchy biscuits sandwiched with white chcolate.

FROZEN アナと雪の女王 EIWA Yogurt Marshmallow

Cute and delicious marshmallows by EIWA filled with yoghurt $13.9 from 7-Eleven アナと雪の女王 EIWA Frozen Yogurt Marshmallow.

Please note the container does not come with it!!

Brossard Le Cake aux fruits

A great cake for breakfast by Brossard France $35.9 from 7-Eleven.
The cake is moist and pre-sliced with lots of cherries and best paired with tea or Christmas pudding tea from Shortbread Teas
The box is labelled in almost every language.

Chocolate bites by LOAF

Just tried Loaf's chocolate bites which cost $26.9 from 7-Eleven, great for anyone with a sweet tooth.
There are three flavours: Brownie bites, caramel bites and Rocky road bites which have jubes in them.

All of them are sealed in another plastic bag inside. 
Brownie bites: 
These were moist and rich.

Caramel bites:
The caramel layer was sweet and chewy.

Rocky road bites:
Loved the pieces of marshmallows, jubes and nuts.


Christmas snack box from 7-eleven

Thanks to 7-eleven for sending me a snack box for Christmas which I shall review shortly.

In the box, it contains:

Loaf brownie bites
Loaf gooey caramel bites
Loaf rockyroad bites

Brossard Le Cake aux fruits

St Michel Madeleines

EIWA x FROZEN Yogurt Marshmallows

OREO White chocolate:

Milky almond and milk sweets

Lotte Charlotte chocolate:

Meiji Almond and Macadamia Meltykiss
Tohato Caramel corn

Blanchul biscuits

Vitasoy cookies n cream

Perfect lip essence

Mrs Fields Christmas cookies 2014

Thanks to All Gain International for this Christmas jar of cookies.

Inside there are six cookies.
As usual, these cookies are soft and chewy, the chocolate one was my favourite because I love the chocolate chips.
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