Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Eggless Fresh Cream cakes at Cakes & Bakes, Forest Gate

A great selection of eggless cakes.
Compared to other eggless cake shops, they are the cheapest at £1.50 per slice.

Monday, 24 February 2020

[Restaurant Review] Halloumi Burger at Burger King

The Halloumi Burger at Burger King was launched last summer in 2019 for a while to test the market.
It is now back again so I decided to try it.
There are three different versions: Single, Double and Spicy.

Again I went to Stratford's Burger King because it was cheaper.

Halloumi is a Greek Cheese that is white and very different to your regular cheese because the texture is firm with a chew.
Most Halloumi burgers I have tried have grilled Halloumi but the one at Burger King is deep fried.

The Halloumi burger at Burger King looked quite nice with mayonnaise, lettuce, onions and tomatoes.
Taking a bite, the halloumi was quite tough and chewy but tasted good with the creamy mayonnaise and onions so ordering the single halloumi was wise as two would be too much to chew on.

Overall, I liked it more than the Rebel Whopper because it just tasted weird.

[Review] Rebel Burger at Burger King UK

I have always wanted to try the vegetarian rebel burger from Burger King since it is an international chain.
You will find that the US uses the Impossible Patty while UK serves a plant based patty by the Vegetarian Butcher.

In a way I was glad that the patty in UK was different because I have already tried the Impossible elsewhere.

Prices are different at different locations for Burger King in UK so it makes sense to try it where it is cheapest.
I don't know what the cheapest price was but I went to Stratford because it was cheaper than the two in Croydon.

Well, the rebel burger looked the part but unfortunately I was disappointed with the patty itself because it was tasteless and I didn't like the texture.

[Review] Tea at London Tea Exchange

A while ago I discovered London Tea Exchange when I was at Brick Lane so made a mental note to visit it later.
I love tea especially when there are so many blends to choose from.
Brick Lane is an interesting location for a tea house because the rest are smaller coffee shops and curry houses.

I was drawn by the cakes at the window especially the rainbow one which just stood out from the classy wood and brass setting.

As the place was a bit busy I went back an hour later when it was nice and quiet.

The staff were really friendly and showed me the teas so that I could smell them.
There were green, black, white, yellow and other teas to choose from on the menu.
Darjeeling or Breakfast tea is normally my pick with cakes but the chocolate coconut was a must because I always have this whenever I see it.

Ordered the rainbow cake with the chocolate and coconut tea.

The rainbow cake was moist and delicious finished with my favourite chocolate coconut tea which had three types of Belgian chocolate and coconut flakes.
It is hard to explain but I just have an addictive to the taste of cocoa in tea without the sweetness.

To summarize, I really enjoyed my tea moment so I will probably be back for the Fruity blossom tea which has a lovely aroma of cherries and rhubarb.
The staff have a good knowledge of teas which is good but it would have been nice if the cakes were labelled.

[Review] Vida Bakery

Vida Bakery is another success story, they started off four years ago with stalls at markets and festivals selling cakes free from dairy gluten and egg.
They became so popular that they opened a permanent shop on Brick Lane in the summer of 2018.
Vida Bakery is hard to miss on Brick Lane with its rainbow cake displays.

Inside, you will find captivating cup cakes and cakes to choose from.
The best day to visit would probably be the weekend as they have more cakes to choose from while on weekdays there are only three.

I decided to try the red velvet cup cake and leave the cake for the weekend when there would be more choices.

The red velvet cup cake was shockingly good, the texture was spot on.
I loved the way it was firm yet moist just like your regular cake but this was eggless!!
The cakes are definitely worth trying because they are unsuspectingly eggless and vegan!

Will definitely be coming back.

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