Sunday, 16 June 2013

Experimenting fizzy drinks with Haagan Daz

Coke with Vanilla Haagen Daz:

The coke and vanilla Haagen Daz tasted really nice and I preferred mixing vanilla icecream with coke instead of chocolate because chocolate does not taste so good.
Cream soda with vanilla Haagen Daz:

The pairing of cream soda and vanilla HD was a bit too sweet~

Limited edition Häagen-Dazs crystal premium

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Marunaga Sweet potato icecream

I was attracted to this icecream because of the packaging, it appears to be a sweet potato inside.

After opening the wrapper, it looked like a real sweet potato.

The wafer shell has been cleverly made to mimick the sweet potato surface and colour.

Inside the sandwiched wafer there is icecream and sweet potato paste.

The sweet potato icecream is amazingly deliciously because the vanilla is not that sweet but with the sweet potato paste on top, the sweetness is just right.
The sweet potato paste makes it more believable as if you were really have sweet potato with icecream.

The only disappointment was that the wafer was not crispy.
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