Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Fudgee Barr Milky Craze by Suncrest Foods Incorporated

Basically it is a mini cake filled with milky filling but it was not runny and I found the whole thing too sweet.

Grilled Squid Flavour crisps by Lay’s China

These crisps have bigger than normal ridges.
I can’t quite taste the squid but I could taste cumin and sweetness.

Glico Karusatuma purple potato stick biscuit

The salted version is much nicer and they are basically long thin crisp potato rolls.
The purple potato ones were too sweet for my liking and it was a weird sweet and savoury taste.

Bourbon Blanchul purple sweet potato choco cookies

These thin butter cookies looked nice but were too sweet and the filling tasted like sweet potato white chocolate.
Most of the fillings were stuck together because they had melted.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Nestle KitKat Choc Mint Whirl

I love mint chocolate so I loved this Choc Mint edition of KitKat.
The KitKat has these pretty green swirls on it hence the name Mint Whirl.

SUGARPOVA Sporty chewing gum

I didn‘t buy them but I thought these Tennis ball chewing gums were worth posting.

Kurkure Masala munch

These looked like twiglets but they were too spicy for me.

Other crisps in this series:
Butter Masti

#twiglets #crisps #Indian

Lays India’s Magic Masala crisps

A nice packet of crisps with a spicy kick to it!

#crisps #Indian #layscrisps

Nissin Tom Yum Goong Flavour crisps

These crisps are under the Nissin Koikeya series.

They also have a spicy cheese and a spicy flavour as well.

I found the crisps spicier than the cup noodles because the chili powder was evenly distributed on the crisps.

Nampo Benimo Tart

I was given this box of Sweet purple potato Benimo tarts from a friend who went to Japan.

Inside the box, there were three individually packed tarts, which were delicious because the tart base was not too hard and the sweet purple potato filling was velvety with a fragrant taste that was not too sweet.

Other tarts in the series.


Nissin Pumpkin potage

Judging by the black design, I suspect this was launched for Halloween but it was still on sale in December and the expiry date is not until next year so I got it.

When you peel back the lid, you can see that there are quite a lot of dehydrated pieces of pumpkin in it.

The soup was thick and viscous with a nice creamy pumpkin taste and a strong hint of black pepper which somehow tones down the milky taste of the soup.

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