Sunday, 26 January 2020

[Review] Wasabi sushi and Bento

Wasabi sushi and Bento is a fast food Japanese chains that boomed from 2003 in UK offering sushi and bento.
As well as London, it can also be found in New York.

Wasabi appeals to me because the layout is simplistic, the sushi are nicely boxed in the fridge while the hot food is in a separate cabinet.

Some stores have hot food counters but personally I prefer the grab, pay and go as I'd rather not queue but the counters are good in the sense that you can see the curries and fried items.
A few years ago, I had the tofu curry which unfortunately was not documented here so I went back for it again recently.
I like the curries at Wasabi because they are not sweetened like the Hong Kong localized Japanese curry and they use tofu puffs which absorb the thick curry sauce nicely.

On another visit, I also had the salmon nigiri set because I liked the way it came with mixed leaves, french beans, edamame and wakame.

There is also a brown rice version.

I loved the sushi because it was firm so it held together yet the rice was still soft and sticky.
The best thing is the soy sauce that complements it as it is salty and not sweet like weird soy sauce in Hong Kong.

The Avocado Hosomaki is also worth trying but the avocado looked a bit brown that day so I didn't get it.

The dessert selection is also good with mochis and other Western goodies such as the toffee apple crumble.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Australian Deus Cafe opens at The One

As well as Australian cafes opening in UK like Jamaica Blue, there are other Aussie cafes in Hong Kong like Deus Cafe although not formerly updated on their site yet.

Deus Cafe is located at THE ONE in the IT block offering laid back light meals in a casual area.

I always like the try the items which are on the AUZ menu and see how it compares.

The avocado toast was one of the items.
It was toast topped with smashed avocado, feta cheese, zaatar, chili oil and lemon.

Zaatar is a popular spice in the West but not many restaurants serve it in Hong Kong except middle Eastern restaurants.

Settled for the Avocado toast and the prawn salad.
The Avocado toast was as good as anticipated, it was crispy toast smothered with smashed avocado as well as avocado pieces on top with feta crumbs and greens.
Adding the lemon made it even more appetizing.

The prawn salad was colorful with rice vermicelli at the bottom.
Definitely recommended for those on diet.

For drinks had the Mocha and Breakfast Tea.
The tea was loose leaf tea which was nice and strong.

Friend had the mocha.

Overall, recommended if you are looking for healthy and light food.

Deus Cafe:
i.t orange forest, 2/F, THE ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Monday, 20 January 2020

Bridge Cafe on Cambridge Heath Road

A lovely place to stop by for some English food or tea on Cambridge Heath Road!

Coffeelovers in Dalston

[Review] Costa Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate

I don't normally go to Costa but only went because of the Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate.

On the product shot, it is supposed to come in a glass cup but mine didn't at both locations I went.
The taste was inconsistent at the two branches.

Fortunately the first time I had it, the taste of the Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate was divine, it was thick and foamy with a ruby cocoa taste which is similar to raspberry.

The second time I had it, the taste was just milky although presentation was how it should be but not served in a glass cup.

Sunday, 19 January 2020


Fuckoffee is a hip coffee shop in Bermondsey serving rainbow cakes and coffees!

Watch House Bermondsey

Bermondsey Street is a beautiful street in London Bridge with many 19th Century buildings.
The Watch House is one of them which was once a graveyard watch house.

It is cosy inside with a mini log fire and logs beneath it.

Overall a lovely place to check out but the door looked a bit uncomfortable as if it was sawed in half.

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