Sunday, 15 October 2017

Calbee American Buffalo Wings flavoured crisps

The packaging for the Calbee American Buffalo Wings flavoured crisps was exciting so I got a pack.

The taste was really good with a good spicy punch to it, however the thing that let it down was the sour notes of the buffalo sauce, it was non existent as advertised!

TESCO Lasagne

Everything was good but the sauce let it down because it was too sweet.

It can be put in oven or microwave.

TESCO Spaghetti bolognese

Tasted bland so added salt to enhance the taste.
Can be put in the oven microwave.

TESCO finest roasted Hazelnut yoghurt

Loved this roasted Hazelnut yoghurt, it had pieces of hazelnut to it which added to the nutty taste and it wasn't too sweet.

TESCO finest Intense black cherry yoghurt

Loved this black cherry yoghurt which was loaded with pieces of cherry.

TESCO finest chocolate tea

The first time I had chocolate tea was at Shortbread Teas and I loved it because of the addictive chocolate taste.
Ever since they closed down, I couldn't find a tea to replace it until I discovered TESCO finest chocolate tea.
There are 40 tea bags inside and the cocoa taste is lovely and strong.
This is definitely my favourite tea as well as Earl Grey and Breakfast tea.

TESCO 8 Meat Style burgers made with soya

Not a fan of beef patties so got the Soya patties.
They were tasteless so adding sauce makes it taste better.

Having the soya patties with cheese in a bun:

TESCO Sweet & Sticky BBQ Rib Rack

These Sweet & Sticky BBQ Rib Racks from TESCO were surprisingly good.
You can put them in the microwave or oven.
I put them in the microwave because it seemed easier as you just pierce the plastic and put it in the microwave.
The texture of the meat was surprisingly tender and came off the bones easily however the taste lacked a vinegary and smoky punch, it was just sweet.

TESCO Deep Pan BBQ Chicken pizza

Pizza base was good but the sauce ruined it because it was too cloyingly sweet.

TESCO Double chocolate gateau

I was slightly disappointed with this Double chocolate gateau from Tescos as it was a bit too rich because of the sickly sweet chocolate sauce in the middle.

It is best to remove the plastic when it is still frozen so that it won't be so messy when it is de-thawed.'

TESCO Apple crumble

I love apple crumble especially with custard or cream.
The one at TESCO is slightly different because there are oats on the crumble.
Other than that the taste was fantastic, it wasn't too sweet and the pieces of apple were crisp.

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