Saturday, 6 April 2019

World's first frozen Hong Kong Egg Waffles

Eggettes, Egglettes, Eggpuffs, EggWaffles whatever you call them are all the same thing.
These waffles which look like connected semi spheres is a popular street snack in Hong Kong that costs around $18-$60.
Some restaurants have taken them to the next level by serving them in a fancy and high end way.

Now you can get these egg waffles that are frozen and ready to serve just like your usual waffles and pancakes at the local supermarket.

They take a couple minutes in the oven or toaster and you will get that hot, crispy, fluffy egg waffle right in your own home.

I tried them in the oven and they definitely turned out crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

Each box it neatly packaged and you will find two servings boxed in the plastic trays.

As well as the original, there are other flavours available on their website.

Overall, I am very satisfied with these ready to eat egg waffles and hope to see them available at Chinese supermarkets in UK.
The only option I would like to see is a sugar free option so that it won't be too sweet when I add other fancy things like ice cream and other sweet treats.

The size of these waffles makes good egg waffle sandwiches by placing fillings in the middle like the smores waffle I had at Eggsentially Art which came from their booth.

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