Sunday, 11 December 2011

Kullanard's mangosteen fruit cookies

Was attracted by Kullanard's cookie range because of its unusual flavours, not unusual in Thailand but unusual for places that do not sell them!
The cookie flavours were: mangosteen, mango and durian.

mangosteen, mango or durian

I got the mangosteen flavour because the other two I could roughly imagine the taste.
The cookies were convenient, they were individually packed.

Individual packets

The cookie itself was softer than I expected, but had a nice mangosteen aroma to it.
It was slightly pinkish too.
It tasted like a Ribena flavoured cookie!

As well as cookies they had crispy rolls, the ones I found interesting were Tom Yum Gung, Banana flavour!
Crispy Rolls

Tom yum kung or banana crispy rolls!!

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