Saturday, 4 November 2017

[SAINSBURY'S] pirate fairy cake mix

As a kid, I have always made fairy cakes from cake mixes bought from Sainsbury's.
They come in basic flavours like chocolate or vanilla with different themes from time to time.
The chocolate one I got was the pirate.

Normally for girly themes, it would be the vanilla packs and the boyish themes are the chocolate cupcakes.
Compared to the cake mixes when I was a child, it used to be printed rice paper in the set but now they give you sugar paste decorations which is pretty but I prefer rice paper!

Pretty idiot proof, you just mix egg and water, put the mixtures into the cake case, bake and garnish with icing sugar and the sugar paste decorations.

Anyway, I thought they tasted good because the cake itself wasn't too sweet because I tried it without the icing so adding the icing makes the sweetness just right.
The moistness of the cake was not too bad as well.

For best results use a metal cupcake baking tray if you have one!!

Video of the fairy cakes being made:

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