Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Midnight milky way ( US version)

As I am British I never knew that the American version of the Milky Way was different until I came across it elsewhere.

The British version has always been a blue wrapper with stars just like a milky way and American version is larger made of chocolate-malt nougat topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate and is very similar to the Mars bar.
Anyway, I managed to get my hands on the US version so I chose the Midnight because it is covered in dark chocolate.

On biting it, the filling is distinctively clear with two layers, a caramel layer and a white layer.

The taste was really nice and similar to a MARs bar.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Smile Food :Me Mi Nori

This seaweed snack was quite cute because in this small pack of fried seaweed, there is a tiny sachet of sauce.

It is basically tempura seaweed, however when you eat it, there is not much seaweed taste.
It tastes ok without the sauce, but when you put the sauce it tastes much nicer, but the sauce is slightly spicy as the sauce is sweet and spicy.

In the packet, there are about three pieces of seaweed.

Royal Family Nougat Black Tea Flavour

Got these nougats because they were Black tea flavoured.
There was also Cranberry flavour too.
In the box, there are eight individually wrapped nougats.

When I tried them, I found them really hard, I tried to break it in half but they were really tough.

Apart from the hard texture, the milky tea taste was really strong and there were bits of peanuts in it.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

EDO salty lemon flavour lemon soda drink

Tried this drink because it was salty lemon flavour.
It was not salty at all and it just tasted like Sprite!
This bottle has a glass marble at the neck (ramune).

Vita Ceylon Lemon Tea

I have never liked Vita's lemon tea because it tastes weird and syrupy.
I tried this because they have used Ceylon tea instead of the original tea but the taste hasn't improved.

Lipton Green Milk Tea

At first it was a bit strange drinking tea from a carton and I was surprised that Lipton had Taiwan style tea drinks over there.

The tea tasted like soymilk but it was light and pleasant to drink.
The sweetness was just right.
It was also quite milky.

French truffles coated with nut pieces

Apart from truffles they also have walnut as shown on the picture which is from my previous review.
The reason I posted this picture too is because if I do not post this people are going to say that this is not a review because a bakery does not sell chocolates as well!
French truffles coated with nut pieces:
These were delicious smooth chocolate truffles coated in crushed nuts. The sweetness was just right and the chocolate taste was strong.
They more moreish and I couldn’t stop eating them.
It was a nice contrast of soft truffle filling and crunchy nuts on the outside.

Ottogi shrimp ramen

Tried this Korean shrimp noodles by Ottogi.

As you would expect, Korean noodles are usually hot.

The noodles were quite thick so it takes ages for them to go soft!

Overall the taste did not really impress me however those pink protein things were interesting.


Injured pigeon for soup!

I was quite shocked when I saw this guy chasing after this injured pigeon, initially I thought he was gonna take it to the RSPCA but he said it was for soup! I really admire his effort chasing the bird, killing it, plucking the feathers to cooking it! all that trouble when u can just order pigeon soup from a restaurant! I wonder if it has bird flu!

White strawberry - pineberry

I have always wanted to try this angelic berry which was nearly extinct a few years ago.

The berry turns white when it is ripe and the seeds turn red and it has a hint of pineapple flavour.
The taste of this berry is really sweet and juicy.

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