Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pregnant Rice : Fragrant ?

Honestly on my first glance, I thought I saw PREGNANT rice but on a closer look it said

Saturday, 27 April 2013

[Review] M&S Marks and Spencer Taw valley mature cheddar, red leicester cheese and onion deli filler

Went to my Marks and Sparks to get some filler for my sandwich.
I was deciding between prawn and mayonnaise or the cheese, but in the end I picked cheese.
Taw valley mature cheddar, red leicester cheese and onion deli filler:
Taw valley mature cheddar, red leicester cheese and onion deli filler

I used the filler on some ordinary brown bread and it tasted delicious.
Even though there were two cheeses in it, the taste was lovely and subtle balanced by the onions in it.
The mayonnaise in the filler held it all together making it nice and creamy and the cheese pieces were nice and soft..

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dreyer's D collections new Tiramisu icecream

Thanks to EA communications for inviting me to this event to try Dreyer's D collections new TIRAMISU icecream.

It was held at Amico's restaurant.

Dreyer's D collections TIRAMISU icecream:
The ice-cream was really nice, I had lots of cake pieces in my icecream which were chewy and tasted like fudge. The taste and texture of the icecream was light and it tasted like whipped tiramisu.

As well as trying the icecreams, they also gave us icecreams to take home too in a lovely stylish bag.

Taste Dreyer's tiramisu free at the following locations:

20-21st April 12:30-2:30pm at Discovery park (Tsuen Wan)
L2 Area D

27-28th April 12:30-3:30pm at Olympian City (Tai Kok Tsui)
Phase 2, North Wing

11-12th May 3-5pm at MegaBox (Kowloon Bay)
Opposite WELLCOME supermarket

18-19th May 12:30-2:30pm at Tai Po Mega Mall
Area D, 1st Floor

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cheese crackers

Got these cheese crackers from my friend Agnes and they are so delicious and addictive I ate half a packet.
They taste like Wotsits which are cheddary and cheesey but they are actually rice crackers.
The picture of the packaging was also from my dear friend because it tasted so delicious I forgot about it!!!

Fried mackerel fillets with black beans and chilli

Fried mackerel fillets with black beans and chili by Red Marubean Brand

Tried these tinned mackerel fillets because they had black beans and chili with some bread.
The texture of these fillets were quite hard because of the tinned effect but tasted quite nice because of the black beans, however the chili was too spicy.

Baby food: Holle - Organic Baby food - Potatoes with corn and beef

As well as food, I love eating baby food too!

Tried the Potatoes with corn and beef by Holle which is quite an expensive brand because it uses organic ingredients.

It tasted like potted beef and beef pate, but the taste was extremely light because it is for babies.

The jar of baby food I got is made for babies at six months.


Sweet potato bun

I got this bun because it was filled with purple sweet potato.

The bun just tasted like the usual pre-packed buns with a slight alcoholic preservative taste.

The sweet potato filling was quite nice and not too sweet but all the filling was clumped in the middle.

Kowloon dairy Mochi Ice Almond Flavour

This is the new Almond flavour from Kowloon dairy, it is almond flavoured icecream wrapped inside a thin mochi.

In the past I have tried Taro which was my favourite.

The almond one is quite nice and not too sweet.
It tastes like the almond milk drinks but in icecream form wrapped in chewy mochi dusted in flour.

Kowloon dairy Mochi Ice Chestnut Flavour


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