Sunday, 19 February 2017

Trappist Dairy Sweet potato Fat milk drink

I am not that keen on Sweet potato flavoured drinks because they can taste quite artificial and I think that artificial taste is like Playdoh!!!!
The sweet potato milk by Trappist dairy was not that bad and quite palatable.
Trappist Dairy Sweet potato Fat milk drink

TOHATO BOKUN Habanero Pepper Lemon

I love lemon and pepper so these potato hoops were addictive yet at the same time I found them way to spicy for my tastebuds so I couldn't eat it all in one go.

TOHATO BOKUN Habanero Pepper Lemon

More crisps in this range:

Guacamole by Orexis fresh foods limited

I love Guacamole but this one was too spicy for me but the consistency and texture was good with avocado.

Ovaltine Nutritional malted chocolate wafer

I don't know why I tried this Ovaltine Nutritional malted chocolate wafer.
Anyway, I didn't find it impressive because it just tasted like a chocolate covered wafer and there was no malted taste to it.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dreyer's Hong Kong D collection Italian Layer cone

The new Dreyer's Hong Kong D collection Italian Layer cone basically tastes like a Vienetta.
But after you've eaten the top part of the cone, you are left with plain vanilla and chocolate icecream at the bottom.

Japanese Snickers MAX CACAO

The Japanese Snickers MAX CACAO was actually really nice because it is covered in dark choc and the caramel in the middle tastes chocolately and you won't find that nougat layer like the normal ones so it is less sweet :)

Friday, 17 February 2017

Mint Maltesers

Discovered these new Mint Maltesers trending in Australia and I was so lucky to get a pack as my friend was in Australia.
They are so addictive with a minty taste but a bit too sweet so perhaps it would taste better if they had used dark chocolate.

Heinz multigrain with cauliflower, broccoli and cheese dinners

Tried Heinz multigrain with cauliflower, broccoli and cheese dinners which is made by just adding water.
I like mine thick and tasty so I generally don't add too much water.
The taste of this was quite nice with a subtle broccoli and cauliflower taste but I couldn't quite taste the cheese.
If it is too bland for you (adults),some salt can be added to enhance the taste.

Nestle Mint & Choc Aero bubbly mousse

I have always wanted to get this but unfortunately it comes in packs of four which I thought was difficult to finish but they tasted so good that I had two in one go.
When you peel back the lid, there is a pretty swirl of mint green and chocolate.
The taste is so light and airy that it disappears in your mouth hence the reason I can have two pots in one go.
The taste is a bit like mint chocolate flavoured whipped cream.

New finds : Peyoung chocolate yakisoba

Discovered this Peyoung chocolate yakisoba which was launched for Valentines day 2017.
I didn't buy this but if I did, I would have probably treated it as a dessert.

Shinichi has tried it and it seems like I haven't missed out!
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