Sunday, 11 December 2011

7-11's exclusive Fried Vietnamese rice vermicelli with chicken

However 7-11's exclusive one looked like it was going to be delicious from the poster.
It looked like a thai dish because of the lime and the redness of the noodles.

After I had microwaved it, I was surprised how nice it tasted. It was rich in fish sauce and seafood tastes. 
The ingredients I could taste and were listed on the label were: Onion, cabbage, egg, carrot, chicken, red chilli, shrimp oil, fish sauce, shallot, thai basil, chicken powder.
The taste reminded me of the Filipino palabok.

Not only could they be tasted, you could physically see the julienne carrots, onions, chicken, shallots, egg and thai basil!

After it was microwaved 

Before it was microwaved

I do not know much on Vietnamese food because the ones I have tried locally are too localized and did not taste nice.
Hence I have not really made an effort to try other places.

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