Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Numi Indulgent Chocolate Tea

I love teas and I love chocolate so NUMI's Indulgent Chocolate tea series are perfect.

There are four different teas:

Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Earl Grey
Chocolate Spice
Chocolate Roobos

The Chocolate Spice and Earl Grey are black teas and the Roobos and Mint are herbal teas which do not contain Caffeine.

My favourite was the Chocolate Earl Grey because both the Earl Grey and Chocolate shone through in taste with hints of orange peel.

The Chocolate spice was just as good with a warming touch of cardamon and cloves.

Then I had the Chocolate Rooibos during the weekend which had woody notes and earthy tones with a sweet smell that helped me to relax.

Then to start off a nice week, I had the Chocolate Mint which was extremely refreshing and revitalizing.

For more information or ordering, please visit www.greenpharmacies.com
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