Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sunbites Onion & rosemary by Walkers

I loved the lilac crisp packet and inside there were aromatic crispy bites but the rosemary was not strong enough and there was a sweet aftertaste.

Chinese herbal cookies! Imperial Bird's Nest (Central)

Imperial Bird's Nest (Central)

I bought these cookies because the flavours were unusual!
There were three boxes per pack with three flavours of 8 individually packed cookies.

cordiceps militaris cookie

Monkey mushroom and black sesame cookie
Black fungus with black sesame cookie

Each flavour is clearly labelled.

Despite the different flavours, all three taste really similar and you can't really taste the cordiceps or monkey mushroom or the black fungus!!
They just tasted like ordinary local butter cookies!

Marks and Spencers Marquisette biscuits

I love these piped Marquisette biscuits which were crumbly and light with a touch of chocolate.

Marks and Spencers Mini Jaffa cakes

I love Jaffa cakes and these are mini ones which are addictive.
Jaffa cakes are British and it is a Genoise sponge base with a layer of orange flavoured jelly coated with chocolate.

They were delicious frozen because I like the jelly to be chewy.

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