Saturday, 23 November 2013

Vanilla chocolate cone Cornetto Confectionary

From the appearance, you could be easily fooled thinking it was a tiny Cornetto!
But it is actually a non-icecream confectionary!!

Wrapped just like the real thing, there is a real wafer cone inside with Vanilla filling topped with nuts and chocolate.

At the bottom of the cone, it is also has chocolate too!

The taste was quite interesting because the vanilla icecream was mimicked by whipped vanilla cream and it was enjoyable and fun eating it!
The first non melting cornetto!

Otsuka SOYSH sparkling soy water

The small white pearlescent bottle caught my attention.

After taking a closer look, I realized it was Sparkling soy water! How interesting because I have never seen soy water before.

Usually soymilk comes in milk form so I was really curious whether the drink would be clear of milky!~

It is interesting because from their website, they are a pharmaceutical company.

I am not sure if the drink contains alcohol but the English labelling from the supermarket says: soy cider!

There was an interesting ring pull design to open the bottle, once it was opened, the drink inside was a milky white colour.

The taste was quite milky and smooth but not too sweet with a fizz.

There was a really nasty artificial banana smell with a hint of banana and minty aftertaste just like medicine probably because it is produced by a pharmaceutical company!
Also from their website, SoyJoy bars are made by them too which I have tried before.

I would love to try the Fruity Tomato soyjoy bar and the Prune Fe Plus soyjoy bar if I could find them.

got milk? Magic straws

I have always wanted to try these magic straws that are said to flavour your milk.

Finally saw a place that had them and tried the chocolate.

They had other flavours too:
Wild berry, cookies and cream, orange and cream, chocolate and strawberry.
For the full range see:
NEW fun flavors coming in 2014!
Cotton Candy, Banana Split, Candy Corn and Rootbeer Float
Limited edition flavors!
Neapolitan, Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Candy Cane

I tried the chocolate and it was really nice because the milk is flavoured instantly by chocolate and it is not too sweet.
It makes plain milk taste better and a good way to increase daily calcium intake.
Basically, the straw is filled with tiny balls of compressed chocolate powder so that when you suck the straw, the milk is flavoured by the chocolate when it passes up the straw.

Someone drinking it!
(Obviously not my hand because he has a really chubby hand)

Sweets imported from the past

After seeing fruit salads and giant gobsmackers at a local pub, I thought I was dreaming when I saw Flying Saucers!!

Now you can get flying saucers, Dib Dabs, Wham bars, Sherbet fountains, cola cubes, rhubarb n custard, fruit salads, black jacks, fizzy cola bottles, refreshers, fizz wiz and more retro sweets from the 70s and 80s at Bookazine or Sim’s Sweet Shop!!


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Maruchan wonton seaweed soup

I was surprised to see instant wontons because they usually come frozen or freshly made to be cooked.
There were quite a few flavours but I got the one with seaweed because I like seaweed.
Basically it contained dried wontons and a sachet of soup base.

It was simple to prepare, just open the lid, put the sachet of soup on the bowl, and add water to the line!

After a few minutes, the wontons were soft with pieces of shiitake mushrooms and seaweed floating in the soup.
The soup was quite nice and the wontons were smaller filled with grounded meat that was not as fatty as the fresh ones.
After googling it, I was surprised that it is a best seller in Japan and their brand came as early as 1993.
See supplemetary info from their pdf report.
Not only are they popular in Japan, they are popular in the US with a separate website too.
US Site:
Japanese Site:

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lotte Koala's March

Not a fan of these bear shaped biscuits filled with chocolate creme because the biscuit tastes weird and the chocolate tastes off!

The one with strawberry filling was really artificial, I could smell it a metre away when this kid opened it!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Hokkaido-Yo Chestnut

After trying some chestnut yoghurt yesterday, I was surprised to see Chestnut Hokkaido-Yo from Circle K, now shortened to Ho-Yo according to the poster!!
Finally tried it and I felt that it lacked chestnut taste and it just tasted like Tiramisu/Coffee.

Other flavours in the Hokkaido-Yo series.
Circle K Hokkaido-Yo Peach flavour
Circle K Hokkaido-Yo OriginalGrape and Fuji apple flavours
Circle K Hokkaido-Yo Sweet Purple potato

Squid soaked in Chinese wine by Original Taste Workshop

I love snacks soaked in Chinese wine but the ones by Original Taste all have bones (i.e ducks tongue, pork knuckles and chicken feet).

I was glad there is now Squid to choose from because it was delicious, the wine has a really nice savory taste and the texture of the squid is really springy flavoured with the wine.
Next time I am going to put them on my instant noodles/cup noodles with the wine as well.


Green Tea molten cake

The first time I had green tea fondant cake was at Sinmei’s and then the Intercontinental hotel.
Now you can get it from Circle K convenience stores for $9.9.

Before putting it in the microwave:

After I took it out from the microwave, I was shocked to see the fondant had burst in the centre which was kind of funny. FXXK! Bursting and not molten cake! 頂!!!!爆心蛋糕

As for the taste, it was really nice and not too sweet with a strong green tea taste.

Kimnori seasoned laver - Cheese flavour

Cheese flavoured seaweed! That's a first!

Although it is a Korean product, there was Thai on the labeling too.

When I opened the resealable bag, there was a really strong cheese smell.
(It was a little bit artificial for my liking).

The pieces of seaweed were small and annoying just like toppings.

As for the taste, it was very cheesy and savory but too salty.

Acecook 25th Anniversary Black Squid ink instant noodles

Initially I did not notice the special edition cup noodles by Acecook because it was Black and did not stand out on the shelf.
Anyway, the black wrapping was quite classy and it was SQUID flavoured too!
It was the first time I came across squid flavoured cup noodles.
Inside the box, there was a sachet of liquid sauce and a sachet of condiments containing dried squid and cabbage.
After the pouring away the water in the custom made drainage holes on the corner, the noodles were ready to be mixed with sauce.
Mixing sauce into it
The taste was a bit disappointing because the squid taste was not obvious and the colour was not as black as I hope for squid ink.
スーパーカップ 大盛りいかすみ焼そばブラック
発売から25周年を迎える人気シリーズから衝撃的な一杯が登場 ウスターソースをベースに“いかすみ”をブレンドした真っ黒なソースが特徴のカップ焼そば適度な弾力と歯切れを併せ持っためんです。大盛りで太く食べ応えのあるめんに仕上げました。
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