Thursday, 21 June 2012

CHOSEN Fish crackers

These crackers where surprisingly nice and the fish taste was extremely strong that it similar to eating fried fish skin.
However they were slightly too salty.
The cracker pieces were quite big and filled the entire bag unlike Chinese snack packaging where it is a quarter filled and the rest is THIN AIR!

I really appreciate how Indonesian and Philipino food can be cheap and come in decent amounts and not fake like food in China.

Buckwheat seeds

Recently had some soba and found these really crispy seeds but I didn't know what they are.
After asking G.F I was told they were buckwheat seeds which is really cool having them sprinkled with soba noodles made of buckwheat!
As well as soba, French savory crepes are also made with buckwheat!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Imuraya ice cream with Azuki beans and yellow bean flour

I do not not Azuki beans but got this ice-cream because it contained yellow bean flour.

The ice-cream had lots of azuki beans in it and it had azuki bean paste at the bottom so for azuki bean lovers they would like it.

I only liked the top part of the icecream because there was lots of yellow bean flour.
The sweetness of the overall icecream was really sweet.
I was surprised that they had this brand in the US!

cled'or Red Carpet cheesecake icecream

The strawberry flavour tasted really fake, and the packaging was really similar to Haagan Daaz that people asked me what flavour of HD it was.

The tub was not good because it was not rigid after you took the lid off.

MyungDong Instant Rice Cake Soup

The rice cakes I have tried before were the Shanghainese types and it seems that the Koreans have a similar thing.

Rice cakes usually come vacumn packed or in brine.

As these are instant ones I was curious how they would be packed, it turns out they are also vacumned packed inside.
I never tried them before because Korean food is usually spicy and this one is not hence I got them to try.
The broth tasted nice but I didnt really like the ricecakes and they were too chewy and I had already put them in boiling soup for at least five minutes.
There was a slight sour taste taste to the ricecakes.
The broth was nice and colourful, it had pieces of dehydrated eggs and seaweed.

Did my instant noodles go moldy?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Marutai Nagasaki Soy sauce ramen







Again, I did not like these noodles because the noodles were sticky and floury!  soy sauce soup with seafood based flying fish jaw of Nagasaki Prefecture, chicken, pig, and anchovy, in addition made ​​kelp, scallops, dried bonito, tuna.

Quoted from their website!長崎あごだし入り醤油ラーメン Plain

Marutai Chicken Instant ramen


Quoted from their website: 宮崎鶏塩ラーメン- soup base made ​​using the chicken extract taken from chicken in Miyazaki Prefecture and pig lard added to the oil and chicken.
I did not like these instant ramen noodles so there is nothing much to write about and the texture of the noodles were sticky and floury.

October fifth abalone cheese biscuits

A good concept of Chinese biscuits with a hint of western elements however the taste did not match the concept.

The abalone cheese biscuit I had was sweet, there was no cheese taste at all!
The chocolate egg rolls probably taste normal because they are sweet anyway and the seaweed puff seems a good concept too but from the experience of the abalone puff I can imagine the seaweed puff tasting sweet!

Uni President Jah Jang noodles 統一麵 巷口乾麵炸醬風味
統一麵 巷口乾麵炸醬風味
Again there is no English name but it is labelled UNIF Xiang Kou Dried Noodle- Fried Bean Sauce Flavour on a sticky label stuck on the packet by the importer.

In general the noodles by Uni President are good however for this particular flavour there is a brand that is really nice, sold in the Chinese supermarkets in UK.

So how does this one compare?
The noodles were thicker than that brand and it takes longer to go soft.
The texture of the noodles were extremely al dente and perhaps too chewy for me, so in conclusion I prefer the other brand because of the noodles, but the sauce tastes the same.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Uni president sesame oil herbal instant noodles

I have always liked instant noodles by Uni President because their flavours are different.

The one I tried was a herbal one which was sesame oil herbal instant noodles, it didnt have an English name on the packaging except for 大補帖 麻油藥膳風味細麵, similar to the Buk Kut Teh instant noodles I tried recently from Malaysia which contained Dong Gwai.
On the labelling it was called Tai bu tei yao shan noodle sesame flavour but it could have been named by the importer.

Apart from sesame and herbs, they actually had Dong Gwai flavoured instant noodles 當歸藥膳風味細麵, ginseng with wolfberries 人蔘枸杞藥膳風味細麵, and Dong Gwai with duck instant noodles, 當歸鴨風味細麵.

When I opened the packet, the noodles were the thin type which I like because they cook quicker and absorb more flavour.

There was a lot of sesame oil in the sachet unlike other brands.
The soup sachet had pieces of dried wolfberries and Dong Gwai.

When I cooked the noodles the smell of Dong Gwai was nice and strong.

Although there is lots of sesame oil I only put half in there because the sesame oil over powers the rest of the herbal flavouring.
Apart from Dong Gwai I could also taste a hint of ginger in it.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ganoderm lucidum spores and propolis capsule

Got a sample of these health supplements thanks to U Food.

The capsules are by Wai Yuen Tong.

The sample contained 10 capsules and I was suprised it came in a nice bottle rather than blister packaging.

I thought they would be gel capsules because it contained propolis but they were powdered and in plastic capsules.

Anyway just for fun I opened the capsule and swallowed the powder without the capsule and the smell of the propolis was quite strong.
Apart from that it tasted quite bitter.

Dried dragonfruit slices

I didnt try these because they were on display but since I saw them I took a photo of them!

Casino Saint-Marcellin cheese

Again, I should have googled this cheese before consuming it because the runniness of the cheese increases with age and this answers why there are holes in the packaging!

The texture was similar to camembert but not as strong, however it was lovely and creamy.
Its packaging reminded me of a huge contact lenses case!

Saint-Marcellin is a soft French cheese made from cow's milk. Named after the small town of Saint-Marcellin (Isère), it is produced in a geographical area corresponding to part of the former Dauphiné province (now included in the Rhône-Alpes région). It is generally small in size, weighing about 80 grams (50% fat), with a mottled creamy-white exterior. The degree of runniness increases with age as the exterior gains blue, then yellow, hues within two to three weeks after production.

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