Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Les Apéricrêpes mini crepes

The «crêpe dentelle» or thin and lacy pancake has been invented in Quimper in the year 1888.
Available flavours:
1)Crispy biscuits filled with goat cheese and rosemary cream
2)Crispy biscuits filled with Cheddar cheese and flavored with nut aroma
3)Mozzarella & Herbes de Provence" Crispy biscuits
4)Blue Cheese & Walnut Flavor
5)Tomato & Rosemary
6)Crispy biscuit fillled with mozzarella and bacon cream
I tried the cheddar cheese and blue cheese, both were nice an cheesey.
I wish I had bought the tomato and rosemary as well, because I wonder how the tomato filling looks.

cheddar cheese

Blue Cheese & Walnut Flavor

Mozzarella and bacon

Goats cheese and rosemary

Mozzarella and herbs

tomato and rosemary

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