Monday, 12 December 2011

Tipiak couscous with spices

I love couscous but it is so damn rare in HK!

You have to go to expensive restaurants or buy the uncooked version.
I tried buying uncooked couscous pearls last time, but the couscous would not soften and the texture was nothing like the ones I have tried after I cooked it!

The one I got this time was INSTANT couscous, you just add water and let it stand for 5 minutes.
Best of all, they have different flavours.
The one I tried this time was the Middle Eastern spices. I also got the LEMON AND MINT.
When I opened the packet, I could smell strong cumin and caraway seeds.
After pouring hot water and letting it stand for five minutes, the magic couscous was ready to eat.
The taste was the same as Nissin's curry pot noodles.
The softness of the couscous depends on how much water you put.

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