Friday, 30 March 2012

Chinglish: Curried plate

English description: Curried Plate
Chinese description: Curried beef belly
English description: Shannon porkchop noodles small chestnut
Chinese description: Lemongrass porkchop noodle soup/udon
English description: Curried Fish Cube
Chinese description: Curried Fish
English description: Pu Cake plus $7
Bottled water plus near$
Chinese description:
Pancakes extra $7
Fizzy drinks charged extra $

Curly hair = Fuscilli in Chinese

English: Curly Hair
Chinese: Fuscilli

Marks and Spencers noodle salad and scotch eggs

Came back for more treats, this time got prawn and pasta, cocktail sausages, porridge, cheese and cranberry.

Prawn and Pasta:
cocktail sausages and mini scotch eggs

golden porridge

cranberry cheese

Nectar berry drinks

There are three flavours: Sour cherry, Clear blueberry nectar, and Strawberry and apple.

These drinks are from serbia, and they all taste sour with a strong apple juice base.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Butter crisp waffle by Jules Destrooper

Belgian waffle butter biscuits which are really buttery, so if you like buttery biscuits then this is for you.
It was really sweet too.

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