Wednesday, 29 April 2015

2015 McD’s Black and white coconut pie and Salt N Pepper Seasoning

I am excited because this black and white coconut pie by McDonalds is going to be launched on the 1st of May in HONG KONG.
To my knowledge, there has not been a black and white coconut pie but this was served in China last August.
As well as the pie, there will be the black and white burgers, which are the same as last years.
For the shake shake fries seasoning they will have the salt n pepper crab which was available a few years ago in oct, 2011.
According to my earlier review, it has a fragrant basil taste.

Beat hangovers with NOHO!

Before I tried this product I consulted some serious drinkers about this and was surprised that they have heard of it before and said it was effective.
NOHO lets you drink and relieves you of hangovers the next morning leaving you ready to for your day.
Hangovers are caused by loss of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants as well as being dehydrated which is why you feel so bad the next day.
NOHO is a drink inspired by IV drips that were used in treating alcohol poisoning hence it is not an energy drink.
It is formulated with Ginger Root Extract that helps soothe the stomach and digestive system, while the Prickly Pear Extract found in the desert cactus helps to hydrate the body and cleanse the liver.

Originally based on an IV drips formula for, NOHO is not an energy drink, or similar stimulant beverage – NOHO contains no sugar (in 60ml form), caffeine, or other stimulants. NOHO is specifically formulated to help fortify your body and protect it.
Instructions are easy, drink a bottle before you drink alcohol and have fun then drink the last bottle before you go to bed.

noho gold:
As well as noho, there is noho gold, a healthy beverage that can also be used as a mixer.


noho and noho gold are available at 7-11s or Telford which are listed in the link below.
noho website
Facebook: nohoasia
IG: #nohoasia

Cans of chocolate by Ovidias

These cans were placed in the drinks section so they looked like cans of drinks but they were cans with  chocolate inside.
I didn't buy them but the packaging was really good.

Meiji Jyaga cheese

These snacks look like pillows filled with cheese.
They were crunchy and quite cheesy with a starchy paste texture.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Veggie chips by sensible portions

I liked these colourful potato and vegetable snacks but all the different colours tasted the same.

Fred and Chloe Chocolate Simply oats

As the packet was in English I assumed it was English or American but it is made in Latvia.
The chocolate oats were not bad, it had a decent chocolate flavouring but it tasted quite powdery and sweet.

Monday, 27 April 2015

OREO coconut delight‏

Oreo biscuit comes in so many flavours around the world.
In Indonesia, there is a coconut filled oreo called Oreo coconut delight.

The filling is quite fragrant and tastes like a British coconut cream biscuit.

Nissin Spicy Seafood Flavour potato crisps‏

Nissin is a famous brand of Japanese cup noodles and now they have potato crisps which are the same flavour as their cup noodles.

The one I got was the Nissin Spicy Seafood Flavour potato crisps and there was also a sesame one but it was sold out.
The crisps tasted the same as the noodles but the spiciness was much stronger and you could taste the intense octopus flavouring.

Friday, 24 April 2015

NESTLE Drumstick Mint chocolate chip cookie

It appears that the mint chocolate cookie is a regional flavour because I don’t seem to find it on their European or American website.

Basically the cone is filled with mint and chocolate icecream which you can see after you have eaten the top half of the icecream that is topped with dark cookie bits (possibly black in colour).
It is interesting they have used dark cookies and they taste like chunky oreo biscuits.
Overall I was quite satisfied with this icecream because the cookie bits were soft with a doughy taste.
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Vegetable jelly

Normally jellies are fruit flavoured but I happened to come across one that was made of vegetables by a Japanese brand called Woody Village.
On the side of the cup, it shows the vegetables that are in the jelly.

After peeling the lid, you can see tomato seeds in the jelly.

There were bits and pieces of vegetables in it.
As for the taste, there was a strong tomato taste but I didn't like it because it tasted artificially sweet which is really weird because tomatoes are not meant to be sweet.

There was also carrot jelly as well so I wonder how that would taste.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Golden Pig burgers and bacon

As a Brit, bacon and sausages are a must have item on the plate but in Hong Kong you can't find decent sausages and back bacon so you end up dining out for them.
Recently discovered this brand called Golden Pig from the UK selling delicious sausages and bacon.

There are three flavours for the sausages:

Pork and apple:



Unsmoked back bacon:
Pork and apple burgers:

I was greedy so I had sausages, bacon and the pork and apple burger in my lunchbox!!!!!!!!!! 

The star of the show was the pork and apple burger, which was a huge burger patty that was succulent and juicy.
The bacon was flawless with the right level of saltiness on a bed of mixed grain rice.

Hopefully Golden Pig's products will be available at the supermarket soon or I will need to stock up when I see their stall at the markets.

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