Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gerber rice and banana apple cereal

I have always wanted to try Gerber cereals but the packaging wasn't resealable but now they have this twist cap which is really convenient.

You are supposed to add milk but I added water because I don't like milk and the taste was amazing because it tasted natural with apple tartness and banana taste.

Baby food - Chicken liver + rice + mixed veggies

Obviously I didn't get this from Thailand but it was good they had English and a great packaging that was clear and colourful.

On the rack, there were three flavours:
- Chicken liver, rice, mixed veggies
- Salmon, potato, sweetcorn, spinach
- Chicken, egg yolk, rice, mixed veggies

I ended up getting the chicken liver because you don't often get baby food with chicken liver.

When I googled this brand, I found other baby cookies too and they had salmon spinach cookies and chicken and corn cookies.

Inside the packet, you get a baby spoon too!!

The taste was interesting, there was a slight hint of bitterness most probably because of the chicken liver.

Anyway, babies won't have to worry about their cholesterol levels!!
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