Monday, 12 December 2011

Laksa noodles by Signature 7-11

I nearly got the Red curry with ginger flavoured rice at 7-11, but then I saw the Laksa bowl so I got that instead.

I was hesitant about getting it, because I am more accident-prone with bowls than dishes.
Anyway, I removed the plastic wrapping surrounding the bowl and the lid.
There was a pouch of laksa soup with noodles, fishballs and fish slices beneath the pouch.
I found the pouch really difficult to tear open even with the perforations so I think the people eating at 7-11 most probably need scissors.

There were not much noodles in that bowl and the soup covered it completely.

The proportion was about 1/4 noodles and 3/4 soup.
After heating it for 4 minutes in the microwave, it was ready to eat.
The noodles strands were mostly broken which made it hard to pick up with chopsticks, hence a spoon was needed.

The Laksa soup tasted strong of ginger and chilli, the taste is very similar to the curry sauce from 7-11s fishballs but in watery form.
The MSG was very strong because I felt thirsty all day.
The Laksa bowl cost around $13 but not very filling!

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