Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Nissin oxtail cup noodle 日清無臭大蒜蛋黃牛尾湯杯麵

As I can't read Japanese I couldn't quite make sense of this flavour but the Chinese labelling seems to decipher garlic, egg white and oxtail as the main ingredients.
The design of the cup noodle is the same as the 45th anniversary series where they had controversial sharks fin and turtle.

Chinese labelling:

I found pieces of black fungus, bell peppers, spring onions and beef which can be found when you peel back the lid.

After adding water the broth was quite white and milky.
The sauce added in:

The smell was strangely like Parmesan mixed with milk and the taste was creamy and oily.

The bits of beef were thinly sliced just like the ones you find at Yoshinoya beef rice bowls.

Cup Noodle’s 45th anniversary

Hartley's Strawberry Jelly 135g

If you are British, you will obviously know that jelly comes in jelly blocks before you make it.
In some other countries they come in powder form like Hartley's glitter jelly.

I decided to post this so that people can see the jelly block before it is made and I always ending eating some of it before making the jelly.

It comes in a packet like this:

When you remove the wrapper, there is a pretty jelly block that is firm and tough.

To make the jelly, it is best to cut them into squares cubes.

Obviously I ate some because some of the cubes have disappeared and they taste amazing just like that with a lovely strawberry fragrance and they are not too sweet!

You just simply add boiling water, let it dissolve and pour it into a container and let it set in the fridge for a few hours.

Here is the jelly that is ready.
It is slightly lighter in colour.

 Video of the jelly wobbling!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Maggi 3 minute noodles - Curry Flavour

These noodles are available in the UK under Nestle.

At the back, there are instructions on how to cook them.

The noodles inside the packet:

Curry powder from the sachet:

As with all British Instant noodles, it is best to use less water as the flavour get diluted.
The noodles are soft within minutes as the strands of noodles are very fine.

The curry flavour has a nice spicy kick to it.

Wei Lih Jia Jan Mein 維力炸醬麵

These are my favourite instant soupless noodles from Taiwan which are popular in Europe.
I always get a stash of them from the Chinese supermarkets in UK.

Years and years ago, the packaging was different and it used to be yellow and green.
I thought they were discontinued when they changed the packaging but recently found out that they are still around but in a white, blue and red design.

The noodles are flat and wavy.
Bean paste:

Broth powder:

I always cook them with the broth powder, then draining it quickly to mix the yummy bean sauce to it.

They taste amazing because the paste in the sachet is spicy with a strong black bean taste to it.

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