Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hephzibah strawberry slices

Thanks to Ivy for getting me these freeze dried strawberry slices.
Interestingly they are Korean.
I had the illusion they were from Israel or the middle east because the brand is called Hephzibah which sounds Middle eastern and in the middle east, there are lots of dried fruit produces because of the climate.

The strawberry slices were crispy and the taste was really impressive because it was natrually sour which meant there were no artificial sweeteners.

The smell of fresh strawberries could be smelt from the slices.

Monday, 28 October 2013

elit Choco spoons

In the box, there three milk chocolate ones and three dark chocolate ones.

I tried them on its own and they were quite sweet, but after melting it in dark coffee, it acted as a nice sweetener with a slight hint of chocolate in the coffee.
I also tried melting it in tea too which was nice.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Poppingly delicious popcorn

Thanks to Garycwm for getting me these delicious popcorn from Marks and Spencers or I would not have known about them~~~

There are two flavours and the packaging is really cute and dreamy!!

Chocolate and pecan popcorn
Strawberry and white chocolate popcorn

Both were really really really delicious but the Strawberry one was the best!~

Chocolate and pecan popcorn

The popcorn had a lovely crisp caramelised shell that had a gorgeous buttery taste, and the pieces of chocolate and pecan gave it that extra delicious touch!
Strawberry and white chocolate popcorn

I loved the packaging for this one, especially the metallic pink letters against the matt brown packet.
The taste was just as good as the chocolate pecan popcorn but the pieces of strawberry worked like magic and gave it a fruitful strawberrytastic twist!

Fizzy floats with Haagen Daz

Coke with Vanilla Haagen Daz:

The coke and vanilla Haagen Daz tasted really nice and I preferred mixing vanilla icecream with coke instead of chocolate because chocolate does not taste so good.
Cream soda with vanilla Haagen Daz:

The pairing of cream soda and vanilla HD was a bit too sweet~

Thursday, 17 October 2013


apple Appletiser:

I used to drink this all the time in the UK when I was a kid so I assumed it was British, but this drink is actually African.
I like this drink because it does not contain any sugar, it was pure fizzy apple juice which quenched my thirst.
This drink was formerly called Appletise but since people kept calling it Appletiser, the drink was renamed Appletiser!

LAY'S cucumber flavoured crisps

Thanks to a friend for getting me these crisps.

I was surprised it was cucumber flavoured.
Before I tried it, I was expecting it to have a minty taste which it did.
There was a sweet scent too when I opened the bag!
It did not smell of cucumber but when you eat it, the cucumber taste is quite strong.
Just for fun! At the back of the packet, the shelf life is referred to as "Durablity"

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

vitasoy Cookie'n Cream flavoured soybean milk

I dislike vitasoy drinks but was surprised to see the Cookie'n Cream flavour.
It was better than anticipated because it tasted like hazelnut flavoured milk.

維他奶 朱古力曲奇味豆奶

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tinned fishes from Russia with love

Got these tinned fishes from a friend to went who Russia.

Finally tried them with croissants. On their own, they taste slightly salty but the texture is excellent because they are extremely soft whereas other tinned products are hard.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

sugga chocopens

Thanks to 7-11 for these sugga chocopens, they are bascially coloured icing for decorating cakes.
There are six colours in total.
Initially I was going to decorate the dessert and squeezed the chocopen with all my might but the icing did not come out.
I then realised you had to immerse it in 50-60 degree C water to melt the icing.
After doing that, it was easy to use!
After a while, the icing becomes matt and becomes hard.
As for the taste, the icing tastes like chocolate icing.
For the other colours yellow and blue, I will use it on darker cakes so that there is a better contrast and the colours will show up better.

Cook Si rice noodle with kimchi flavoured soup

Thanks to 7-11 for these noodles which cost $9.9.

The Kimchi flavour was extremely spicy!

Cook Si rice noodle with hot and spicy soup

Thanks to 7-11 for these noodles which cost $9.9.

The hot and spicy flavour was quite spicy!

Also in this series is a Kimchi flavour!

2.PM Korean rice cakes in soup

Got these delicious spicy rice cakes Thanks to 7-11 which cost $12.9 per bowl.

The shape of these rice cakes were like flat discs and the ones I tried earlier were like thick mini rods.

The broth tasted nice but the rice cakes were too chewy, maybe I should leave them for at least 10 minutes next time.

The broth was nice and colourful, it had pieces of dehydrated eggs and seaweed.

2.PM Korean spicy rice cakes
MyungDong Instant Rice Cake Soup
2.PM Korean rice cakes website:

Monday, 7 October 2013

Innovative cleaning with a drill

I was quite amused to see someone use a Drill with a brush attached on the end to clean an egg puff maker!

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