Sunday, 29 July 2018

[Crisps] India's Masala Magic by Lay's

I didn't know that you could get crisps and cup noodles in India so when I found out, I managed to get some crisps from the local store.
I got Magic Masala by Lay's.

Inside, you get crinkle cut crisp and they were extremely spicy.
They tasted like spring onion crisps with a fiery kick but after you get used to the spiciness, they were quite good.

From the packet, it says they manufactured by Pepsico India Holdings.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

[Youbao] Mini Egg Puffs

Basically Egg puffs / Eggettes / Egg waffles in Biscuit form.
As well as this brand, there is a better and cuter version by Calbee which is smaller in size.

FUTUBA Melon Soda Bar

Tried the FUTUBA Melon Soda Bar which was promoted to be healthy as it is only 26 kcals.
Unfortunately, I didn't like the taste because it was too sweet and very artificial in taste.

Baby Food: Glico

Glico is famous for Pocky Sticks and other confectionery so I was really surprised to discover they had a range of baby food!
As a foodie, I love trying out different baby food too so I got one of the stews in the range.
From the labeling, I deduced it was some sort of tofu and pork.
The taste was surprisingly good and tasted like thick sweetcorn soup and the pieces of sweetcorn had a crunch to it.

Condi 1 minute Microwave Cakes

I love Cup Cakes, but when you don't have an oven life can be difficult.
But now you can get microwave cup cakes that are ready in 1 minute.
Tried this brand by Condi where they have two flavours: Apple and Chocolate.

Forgot to take a picture of the chocolate but the chocolate one definitely tastes better because the apple was too sweet and artificial.
Making it was pretty easy, just fill the lid with water to the line, pour it in and mix.

 The fork that is included isn't that helpful because it all clumps on to it when you are mixing so I used a stirrer.
 When the mixture is smooth and consistent, it is ready to put in the microwave.

After microwaving it, the cake looks like this:

Video of the Apple cup cake being made:

[Oyatsu] Mini Cup Noodles

Obviously I was attracted to these [Oyatsu] Mini Cup Noodles because of the cute little size.

There are two flavours: Salt and Tonkatsu.
Although they look small, when you peel the lid back, the noodles go almost to the top.

Both flavours were impressive because I loved the noodle texture which was soft but didn't break easily.

Salt (Blue):

Tonkatsu (Red):

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Donut Peach

I got my hands on some donut peaches or commonly known as Saturn Peaches or UFO peaches.

One of the peaches had a mini peach on top.

I really liked them because of the flat shape and they were easier to eat especially for people who have a small mouth.
They were juicy and sweet.

Maggi atta Masala Instant Noodles

As an instant noodle fan, I have always wanted to try instant noodles from all over the world.
Got my hands on Maggi atta Masala which is from India.
"atta" means wholewheat noodles hence the colour of the noodles and you can see pieces of wheat in it.

It was impressive to find dehydrated peas in the flavouring sachet.
I tried some of the powder on its own to see how spicy it was and it is quite spicy.

Unfortunately, the noodles had already gone rancid in the packet before I opened it otherwise they would have been delicious.

Anyhow, I will try and get it from another shop and hope it has not gone rancid.
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