Friday, 21 December 2018

[Review] Sainsbury Christmas Teas 2018

Christmas is more exciting than ever because the food trend is changing.
This year Sainsbury have launched two teas that will make you look twice.

At Sainsbury, you can now get festive Brussel Sprouts tea and Pigs in Blanket Flavour Tea.

Brussels Sprouts Flavour Tea:
For people who dislike sprouts, they are more sensitive to something that they do not like.
As I am ok with sprouts I thought the tea just tasted like green tea so it was nice.

Pigs in Blanket Flavour Tea:
The smell of this one was rather strong, you could smell rosemary and sage as soon as you opened the packet.
As a tea, I found it quite smokey but not too bad.

[FUJIYA] Bake Shop Almond Brownie

Tried the [FUJIYA] Bake Shop Almond Brownie which turned out to be too sweet and dry.

Happy Hour Cheese Cream Filled Wafers

Happy Hour makes me think of drinks not wafers!
Anyway, these wafers were ok but not memorable.

OLW Cheez Doodles

It was my first time try these Nordic Snacks and to my surprise, they taste and smell exactly like Wotsits!!!

[Baby Star] Dodekai Ramen

Basically [Baby Star] are a Japanese brand of snacks.
This packet happens to be fried ramen that look like thick printer cables and that's it!

Sustainable protein

A while ago, some organization was promoting sustainable protein by giving away free ice cream topped with crispy insects which I did not try!!!

[Huntley & Palmer] Caramel Mallow Teacakes

Got these because I love Chocolate Teacakes.

Chocolate Teacakes are basically biscuits topped with marshmallow and coated in chocolate.
[Huntley & Palmer] Teacakes come with a twist because there is also caramel in the centre of the marshmallow!

Unfortunately, despite the long history of the [Huntley & Palmer] brand, I found the chocolate too sugary and the caramel was strangely see through like it was mixed with gelatin.

[Weird flavours] jack n jill Iced Lemon Tea Crisps

As weird as it looked, I picked up a bag of [Iced Lemon Tea] flavoured crisps by jack n jill.
I didn't buy them but there was this other weird strawberry flavoured crisps which I shall post later when I have time!

Calbee Jagarico (Jagariko)

Again I can't read Japanese but after googling this, it turned out to be Salad flavour with Carrot and Parsley.
I like these because they have that usual starchy potato taste and you can definitely taste the carotene taste in this but not much of the parsley.

Cute barcode!

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