Friday, 30 August 2013

Japanese food container with handles

It was nice how part of the box has been cut to make handles without needing extra materials.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Japanese Tivolina cookies

Thank you IVYCWK for getting me this delicious tin assortment that comes in a pretty blue tin by Tivolina.

Inside the tin, there are two milk rolls, two green apple balls, two rose balls, two coconut chocolates and 2 white chocolate flowers.

All of them tasted delicious.

My favourite were the green apple balls.I thought it was solid apple chocolate but there was biscuit inside which was a perfect match and the biscuit balances out the chocolate so that it is not too sweet.
There was a hint of tangyness in the taste which was interesting.

The coconut chocolate was also nice too, it was mainly dessicated coconut infused in chocolate.

Marks and Spencers Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight:

Whenever I have Turkish delights it always reminds me of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
I used to think it was made up, but it really did exist.
The Turkish Delight at Marks and Sparks is the best because it tastes different and as well as rose there are other ingredients.
The sweetness is just right and the jelly filling is quite firm.
There are two in a pack, same as other standard Turkish delight brands, except for the one in metallic magenta wrapping.

Marks and Spencers redcurrant puffs

Redcurrant puffs:(Thanks to Connie for these pictures because the ones I took disappeared from my harddrive)

These are my favourite too and they are really popular in Hong Kong, they sold these when they did not have the full food range.
They are flakey and buttery with chewy red current jam in the middle.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Colourful farfalle bow-tie pasta

I love these colourful uncooked farfalle pasta bow-ties, but I wonder how they will look when they are cooked.

They reminded me of liquorice allsorts.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Taiwan Beef noodles

I haven't tried these noodles, but I found the drawstring bags attractive.

There are two different colours for the two flavours:
beef and spare ribs.

For more product details visit but all the information seems to be based in Hong Kong.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Strawberry and basil scones

Interesting strawberry and basil scones by Teakha!!

wel.b Freeze dried lychee

Usually freeze dried fruits are strawberries, apples and bananas but the wel.b brand from Thailand offers some exotic choices such as durian and lychee.

I managed to get hold of some lychee, and if I could, I would have got durian as well.

There did not seem much lychee in the bag when I shook it, it seemed like as if it was filled with air.

When I opened the bag, the smell of lychee was extremely intense.

The taste of these freeze dried lychees were amazing, it had a crispy and sweet texture, and it was slightly chewy in the middle where the stone used to be.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Piacelli cherry compote

I got them because I love cherries, but I was really annoyed I could not unscrew the lid!
(In the end I had to get someone else to open it!)
This is an Italian product called Piacelli cherry compote.
I couldn't quite understand why it was called compote because the liquid was not really syrup, it was natural cherry juice which I drank as well.
Each cherry was plump,  juicy just like a fresh cherry but softer.

As well as cherries, they have peaches, plums and apricots in this series.

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