Sunday, 11 December 2011

Nile spice split pea soup

Again, the packaging attracted me. I thought it was from the Middle east because of the spice and the Nile, but split peas soup is Western. According to their website, they are American.

When I peeled the lid back, it was interesting to find dehydrated pieces and not powder.
After adding boiling water to the suggested level, I was surprised how thick it was, the consistency was the same as the soups served in restaurants.

The taste was actually decent just like the restaurant ones, it was not powdery or milky.
It was slightly starchy but this is because it had real peas and it was very wholesome too.
It contained some green leafy vegetables as well.
I could taste a mixture of tastes such as seaweed, curry, and a smoky taste too.
After browsing their site, I wanted to try their other soups: cheese and broccoli, couscous and parmesan!
But it is a shame they only import the ones people are accustomed to.

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