Monday, 21 August 2017

DOLL dim sum noodles : tomato seafood flavour

Having tried DOLL Hello Kitty noodles and finding edible Hello Kitties inside, I decided to get the TRANSFORMERS one to see what edible Transformers would look like.
The flavour was also unique because this is the only tomato flavour that I know of in the DOLL series.
[I made the cup noodles spin using a fidget spinner]

Well, I must say I was quite disappointed because you don't get any edible Transformers but you get a sticker.
The broth tasted like Weight watchers tomato sauce.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Nissin Demae Ramen Bar Noodle Aka Tonkotsu Flavour Instant Noodle

Was given a packet of Nissin Demae Ramen Bar Noodle Aka Tonkotsu Flavour Instant Noodle 出前一丁棒丁麵 from a friend.

Inside, there is a plastic tray which protects the noodle from breakage with two sachets of broth powder.

The instructions instruct you to boil the noodles and broth separately by adding the broth powder to the bowl.

The sachet of spicy sauce is added last.

I was quite impressed by these noodles because the broth was thick just like the broths you get at ramen joints.
The spicy sauce was very hot so I only used half a sachet.

Hokkaido ZomRamen ゾンラーメン 北海道喪屍拉麵!

I love trying new things so I was really excited about this Hokkaido ZomRamen because the noodles and broth are blue according to the Hong Kong distributor [Booth 1D-A30 by Red Gold HK 獨家食品香港總經銷] at the 2017 HKTDC Food exhibition.

Inside the pack, there is a sachet of liquid sauce, blue noodles and a leaflet.

It is interesting that the broth sachet is blue liquid and not the usual powder.

Anyway, to cook, you have to use 600ml of water which I thought was too much at first but then the noodles do absorb the water.

After they become soft, you add the blue concentrated broth liquid which I tried and it was evidently quite strong so it comes out right when added to the water.

With its unusual blue appearance it actually tastes like any other ramen.

There was a strong alkaline smell when I was cooking it but you can't taste it when you eat it.

Ricci's Bikkies Cinnamon sugar

I am so glad I tried Ricci's Bikkies Cinnamon sugar from the 2017 HKTDC Food exhibition distributed by Red Gold HK 獨家食品香港總經銷 at Booth 1D-A30.

Pita bread is normally soft and eaten with dips like hummus etc but this is crisp and sweet with cinnamon and sugar.
I found them really addictive and delicious because I love cinnamon and sugar.
The texture is quite different because they are totally crispy which make them ideal served with icecream but now I want to try them with sweet hummus from the UK.
There is a close up so you can see they really are pita breads!

Ricci's Bikkies Cinnamon sugar is a brand from Australia.

Yogur Train

Recently discovered this Instant yoghurt drink called Yogur Train at the food expo because of the colorful packaging.
There are many flavours: original, banana, mango and cheese.

Frankly the cheese yoghurt sounds strange but then I haven't tried it.

I got the original which comes in a box of six sachets.

The instant yoghurt drinks are made by mixing 120ml of mix with one sachet of Yogur Train.

The milk normally comes in 2xx ml cartons so it was a bit troublesome to measure out half so I decided to mix a whole carton and a sachet which turned out really good and the sweetness was just right.

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