Thursday, 17 March 2016

SAUTAO XO sauce non-fried noodle soup mix

The flavour was rather disappointing because it was bland and not even spicy.
But as a dandan flavour it did well because there were lots of crushed peanuts in it.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Fox’s ginger crunch creams

A British classic, these biscuits are filled with ginger creme in the middle that is quite sweet.

Pickled onion MONSTER MUNCH

The pickled onion monster munch was delicious because it has a really sharp taste.

Bakalland BA! Dried plums & coca glaze Energy Bar

Tried these energy bars from Bakalland and didn’t like them because they were too sweet and not really crispy.

DOLL Sweet Corn Soup Flavour

Initially I liked this flavour because it was vegetarian and it had a packet of pickles inside.
However the broth gets a bit sweet afterwards.

Other DOLL noodles that I have tried.
DOLL Fried noodles : Fried garlic and chili flavour:
Doll's instant curry E-noodles:

Doll's instant curry E-noodles

Hokkaido-Yo Double chocolate

This flavour was really nice because it is was light with a strong chocolate taste and there were also bits of chocolate in it.

Other flavours I have tried in the Hokkaido-Yo series:

Circle Hokkaido-Yo Mango & Melon flavour:
Circle K Hokkaido-Yo Strawberry flavour:

Hokkaido-Yo Mango & Melon flavour

Usually the Hokkaido-Yo series come in singles flavours but this one was a mix of mango and melon.
The orange part is mango and the green colour is melon.
I knew I wasn’t going to like the Mango because I never eat mango, the melon was ok but the taste was quite artificial.

Other flavours I have tried in the Hokkaido-Yo series:
Circle K Hokkaido-Yo Strawberry flavour:

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Calbee Jagabee honey and butter chips

These potato chip/crisps were quite nice, the butter taste and smell was not too overwhelming.

paldo cheese rapasta

I rarely eat Korean food because it is always spicy.
The cheese rapasta looked good so I checked to see if there were any spices listed in the ingredients section.

There were no spices/chili listed so I got it, however it was extremely spicy when I tried it.

Lay's batman v superman edition crisps

I didn't buy this but felt like posting the pictures because they are special editions for the upcoming Dawn of justice film.

Crispy drumstick flavoured:

Salty roasted garlic flavoured:

Starbucks hot cocoa

I was surprised that Starbucks have their own hot chocolate that you can buy but it was such a big tin that I didn't buy it.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Kuali Penang White curry rice vermicelli soup

The packaging for this was quite good because you get a plastic lid with a spoon as well as a fork.
There are four sachets of condiments: dried spring onions and chili, Curry paste, non-dairy creamer and soup base.

Before adding the paste, I tried a bit and it was extremely hot so I only added a quarter and the spiciness was just right for me.
If you add all of the paste, the soup would be quite spicy and sweet because it had a very bold sweetness to it but I loved the strong prawn flavour.

Definitely worth trying if you like really spicy noodles with a strong prawn flavour. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Calbee Creme brulee flavoured potato chips

Calbee Creme brulee flavoured potato chips/crisps seems rather weird.
I wasn't brave enough to try it.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

La Brique de chocolat

La Brique de chocolat by MU TEKI RO

Basically it was a delicious brownie.


Tried the USA Nissin beef BIG cup noodles that are slightly different to the Asian version because the noodles are wider and similar to linguini with a softer texture when it has absorbed the broth.
The beef flavour was quite light.
As well the noodles, the packaging is different because they use card and not PFC.

Pringles #youdontjusteatem

Pringles with dips!!
There were other dips like sour cream and honey which I regretted not getting because they were sold out and I haven't seen them since.
Highly addictive dips but the pringles kept snapping when you dipped them.


NABICO chip star sweet potato

Basically violet pringles with a sweet potato taste.
I didn't really like them because they were sweet

Taiwanese dehydrated squid

The texture of these squids were interesting because they are crispy which is different to the crispiness of fried squids because these don't have a chew to it.
The taste was rather weird though.

SAUTAO Black pepper XO sauce non-fried noodles

I like these noodles because they are non-fried.
The sachet of seasoning is quite good in the winter because the oil and the sauce separate so you can scrape away the oil.
Anyway, XO and Black pepper are weird together and the black pepper was really overpowering that you can’t really taste the XO.

Calbee Paella crisps

Got the new Paella flavoured crisps by Calbee.
I couldn't really taste any seafood in it though, it just tasted like roast chicken flavoured crisps.

Movenpick icecream spoon

Face in a fried egg

#hiddenfaces #friedegg #luncheonmeat

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