Monday, 12 December 2011

Hong Kong Tea brand - Jasmine flavoured tea

The packaging of Rickshaw and Luk Yu were crap, as soon as the plastic film was removed all 100 teabags were exposed and you need to put them in a container especially in Hong Kong due to high humidity.

The teabag for Luk Yu was the worst, the tag and thread was abysmal that the tag would get wet easily.
Rickshaw was slightly better and the design was not so Chinesey.
After Lipton was introduced I was immediately attracted by its design and after opening I was impressed that inside it was packaged into four individual packs of 25 teabags.
However Liptons was sold out yet again! So I tried this new Hong Kong Tea Brand for $24.9 for 100 which was the cheapest so far, amazingly inside it was also had four individual packs.

The teabag quality was as good as Liptons but the taste wasnt so fragrant, it was quite bland but colour was quite strong.
I think I probably need two teabags to get a strong enough taste.

Usually I buy Liptons Jasmine teabags, they cost $39.9 for 100.
The only thing that forced to consider other options was because it was CONSTANTLY out of stock at the supermarket.
Before buying Lipton as a regular brand I bought Rickshaws ($35.9 for 100) and Luk Yu ($34.9 for 100).

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