Monday, 12 December 2011

Halloween limited edition of VitaSoy's chocolate and orange soy drink ~ Why not choc n pumpkin

It is rare for dairy products and citrus items to be combined together because usually the acid in the juice interacts with the lactic acids.
Anyway this drink it is most probably made from orange essences.
I hardly drink Vitasoy because I think it tastes weird, but the combination of orange and chocolate seem strong enough to overpower the weird soy taste.
I have also tried Vitasoy's chocolate drink before, but it just tasted of Cocoa milk.
This limited edition drink is so much better!
There was no soy taste, which was good. I could taste chocolate and orange. It was surprisingly silky, the orange aftertaste was there, but it was the orange peel taste as opposed to the citrus flavouring.
The taste is similar to the aftertaste and aroma of JaffaCakes.
Although it was nice, they should have been more daring and come up with Chocolate and pumpkin.
Last time I saw this drink, i assumed it was a seasonal design, because they had lots of designs for CNY.
They should have had an orange on the design and hollowed it out like a pumpkin!
The Japanese have Kit Kats in pumpkin flavour.
The size of the carton was 375ml, which is slightly bigger than the regular size of 250ml.
375ml was a bit too much for me.

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