Friday, 21 December 2018

[Review] Sainsbury Christmas Teas 2018

Christmas is more exciting than ever because the food trend is changing.
This year Sainsbury have launched two teas that will make you look twice.

At Sainsbury, you can now get festive Brussel Sprouts tea and Pigs in Blanket Flavour Tea.

Brussels Sprouts Flavour Tea:
For people who dislike sprouts, they are more sensitive to something that they do not like.
As I am ok with sprouts I thought the tea just tasted like green tea so it was nice.

Pigs in Blanket Flavour Tea:
The smell of this one was rather strong, you could smell rosemary and sage as soon as you opened the packet.
As a tea, I found it quite smokey but not too bad.

[FUJIYA] Bake Shop Almond Brownie

Tried the [FUJIYA] Bake Shop Almond Brownie which turned out to be too sweet and dry.

Happy Hour Cheese Cream Filled Wafers

Happy Hour makes me think of drinks not wafers!
Anyway, these wafers were ok but not memorable.

OLW Cheez Doodles

It was my first time try these Nordic Snacks and to my surprise, they taste and smell exactly like Wotsits!!!

[Baby Star] Dodekai Ramen

Basically [Baby Star] are a Japanese brand of snacks.
This packet happens to be fried ramen that look like thick printer cables and that's it!

Sustainable protein

A while ago, some organization was promoting sustainable protein by giving away free ice cream topped with crispy insects which I did not try!!!

[Huntley & Palmer] Caramel Mallow Teacakes

Got these because I love Chocolate Teacakes.

Chocolate Teacakes are basically biscuits topped with marshmallow and coated in chocolate.
[Huntley & Palmer] Teacakes come with a twist because there is also caramel in the centre of the marshmallow!

Unfortunately, despite the long history of the [Huntley & Palmer] brand, I found the chocolate too sugary and the caramel was strangely see through like it was mixed with gelatin.

[Weird flavours] jack n jill Iced Lemon Tea Crisps

As weird as it looked, I picked up a bag of [Iced Lemon Tea] flavoured crisps by jack n jill.
I didn't buy them but there was this other weird strawberry flavoured crisps which I shall post later when I have time!

Calbee Jagarico (Jagariko)

Again I can't read Japanese but after googling this, it turned out to be Salad flavour with Carrot and Parsley.
I like these because they have that usual starchy potato taste and you can definitely taste the carotene taste in this but not much of the parsley.

Cute barcode!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

HK Express Turns 5!

HK Express Turns 5 and the Hong Kong-based Airline Celebrates with HKD55* Up Birthday Fares and HKD5 Specials!!

Time flies when the guests are having fun! It’s hard to believe it’s already been five years since HK Express converted to an LCC in October 2013. The Hong Kong-based airline is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a special promotion that will make its guests travel dreams come true before other commitments – like marriage, kids or work – get in the way!

Over the past five years, the airline is proud to have flown more than 13 million people to various destinations across Asia, all while maintaining an incredible load factor of 87 per cent in average. Coming up in 2019, HK Express is excited to launch new inflight menu items on 1 November as well as a route to Nagasaki on 19 January. Nagasaki is the popular port city in Japan which is well known with its UNESCO listed heritage sites. The introduction of the new routes brings the airline’s route map to a total of 24 destinations.

To ring in the big birthday this October, HK Express is offering an amazing “Travel Best Before” Birthday Sale to its intrepid guests with 70,000 seats at fares from HKD55* to 23 destinations, including the newly-announced route Nagasaki in Japan. The flash sale will launch in three separate phases, beginning on 27 October (09:00), followed by 30 October (09:00) and 2 November (09:00), running until 4 November (23:59). No matter when guests book, each wave shares the same eligible travel period from 9 November 2018 to 28 September 2019.

Not only can guests snap up HKD55 fares, but they can also take advantage of special HKD5 birthday perks, such as upgraded checked baggage. From 27 October to 4 November 2018, guests can enjoy a special price of HKD5 for every additional 5kg starting from 20kg checked baggage allowance upon purchasing air tickets via HK Express website and mobile app. Better yet, the airline is serving up tasty inflight dishes, such as oriental barbecued pork puffs, pineapple Danishes, and Joe & Seph’s Classic Gourmet Popcorn – all for HKD5 from 27 to 31 October.

HK Express is also partnering iBakery (a social enterprise under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals) to sell handcrafted cookies on board HK Express flights between 27 October to 4 November 2018. All proceeds will be used on bakery training for people with disabilities as well as to ensure safe and quality bakery products.

Planning a trip before marriage, work or having children? Mark the calendar for Nagasaki following HK Express’ route debut this coming January. The historic Japanese city is an ideal winter or spring holiday. Come March, spring blossoms will blanket the city in soothing shades of pink. Travellers will also discover excellent street food, ancient temples, parks, and multiple WWII memorials to round out an enriching visit.

We have been honoured to share the past five years with our loyal and adventurous HK Express guests,” says Mr Jonathan Hutt, Commercial Director of HK Express. “We hope our birthday sales and specials motivate travellers to get out and explore Asia before life gets in the way.
HK Express will continue the celebration with a new “Travel Best Before” video series on social media, which promises even more special fares and travel perks. With these serious savings, guests can plan an unforgettable journey with friends, family - or take off on their own for some “me time”. Stay tuned for the series launch on HK Express social media channels from 26 October 2018 (!

Enjoy more birthday celebration offers with HK Express! Visit the airline’s official website for further details.

city’super Launches Annual Christmas Hamper and Gift Set Collection

city’super is sharing the joy of Christmas launching over 20 Christmas hampers and a range of festive goodies for all budgets – including the ultimate mammoth trunk hamper for gourmet and wine connoisseurs.

The ‘Christmas Extravaganza’ hamper is probably the most prestigious ever proposed – featuring some 50 of the world’s most well-known fine wines, spirits and delicacies, with a price tag to match at a breath-taking HK$238,800!

Available for order from 22 October to 7 December 2018, the world-class hamper is headlined by a bottle of legendary Château Lafite-Rothschild 1982, alone valued at HK$49,800, from the most celebrated blue-chip vintage of the last 50 years.

Amongst some 20 other festive hampers, available for order from 22 October to 21 December, city’super’s brand new ‘Surprise Box’ hamper (HK$998) is packaged in a crafted wooden box of quintessential treats, tonnes of fun with festive balloons, cuddly MANUAL FACTORY Bear and a multi-purpose board game set, especially designed for joyous celebration in style.

I was impressed with the TOKU TOKU Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker (HK$289) because it uses any hard boiled sweets to make candyfloss so the world is your oyster and you can make any flavour as long as you have the candy.

On the English front, it was great to see so many treats like mug cakes, caramel puddings, Joe & Seph and peanut brittle.

For more information, please visit or email or call at (852) 2736-3866.

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

[Crisps] India's Masala Magic by Lay's

I didn't know that you could get crisps and cup noodles in India so when I found out, I managed to get some crisps from the local store.
I got Magic Masala by Lay's.

Inside, you get crinkle cut crisp and they were extremely spicy.
They tasted like spring onion crisps with a fiery kick but after you get used to the spiciness, they were quite good.

From the packet, it says they manufactured by Pepsico India Holdings.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

[Youbao] Mini Egg Puffs

Basically Egg puffs / Eggettes / Egg waffles in Biscuit form.
As well as this brand, there is a better and cuter version by Calbee which is smaller in size.

FUTUBA Melon Soda Bar

Tried the FUTUBA Melon Soda Bar which was promoted to be healthy as it is only 26 kcals.
Unfortunately, I didn't like the taste because it was too sweet and very artificial in taste.

Baby Food: Glico

Glico is famous for Pocky Sticks and other confectionery so I was really surprised to discover they had a range of baby food!
As a foodie, I love trying out different baby food too so I got one of the stews in the range.
From the labeling, I deduced it was some sort of tofu and pork.
The taste was surprisingly good and tasted like thick sweetcorn soup and the pieces of sweetcorn had a crunch to it.

Condi 1 minute Microwave Cakes

I love Cup Cakes, but when you don't have an oven life can be difficult.
But now you can get microwave cup cakes that are ready in 1 minute.
Tried this brand by Condi where they have two flavours: Apple and Chocolate.

Forgot to take a picture of the chocolate but the chocolate one definitely tastes better because the apple was too sweet and artificial.
Making it was pretty easy, just fill the lid with water to the line, pour it in and mix.

 The fork that is included isn't that helpful because it all clumps on to it when you are mixing so I used a stirrer.
 When the mixture is smooth and consistent, it is ready to put in the microwave.

After microwaving it, the cake looks like this:

Video of the Apple cup cake being made:

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