Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Orange and Vegetable juice by Minute Maid

Tried Minute Maid's Orange and Vegetable juice.

I found it too sweet, and the vegetable juice was not prominent enough, the most prominent vegetable taste in the drink was the carrot.

The vegetables in this drink are: carrot, apple, tomato, celery, pumpkin, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, parsley, red beetroot, broccoli, green cabbage, onion.

It was such a shame that some of these vegetables such as pumpkin, spinach, parsley and onion could no be tasted.

I also felt that the colour of the drink was a bit fake and should have been darker or greener.


Pot noodle No.7 Sticky Ribs

Good old British pot noodles again, the Spare rib one has a really good design, it even has the Lucky Cat!!
It is not as sticky as it saids, but it has real spare rib resemblance, especially the sauce, it is similar to the Roast spare rib gravy with bits in it.
There are fine dehydrated chives too.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Bourbon Petit Cake Brownie

Got these pre-packed brownies which are about 2cm x 3cm in size.
There was an artificial taste to it which I did not like.

Calbee Jagabee

These come in mini packs such as above or sealed in cups. The mini packs are packed in tough plastic which you need to rip open as opposed to the normal way of opening crisps.
Anyway, they are shaped like fries and are solid in the centre as well.
They tasted quite nice, however they were were very oily.

Shamyang pot noodles

Saw these Shamyang pot noodles, so bought both flavours to try.
The flavours were curry and shoyu.
Before I looked at the label, I assumed they were Japanese, however they turned out to be from Korea.
When you open the pot, the soup base is in a separate packet, but the dehydrated condiments are with the noodles.
I did not like the texture of these noodles or the soup, the noodles were too soft and foamy.

Friday, 17 February 2012

The 5 Grossest Things You're Eating

Gross Food #5: Grain products

Why it’s gross: Many packaged breads and baked goods contain L-cysteine—a non-essential amino acid made from dissolved human hair (often from China) or duck feathers (mmmm). Food manufacturers use the ingredient as a commercial dough conditioner, meant to improve the texture of breads and baked goods.
Why it’s bad: Eating something derived from the human body violates the religious and ethical beliefs of Muslims and vegans. Plus, eew! If you want to avoid ingesting hair and feathers—and really, who doesn’t?—try eating unprocessed whole grains like oats and brown rice, and make your own baked goods whenever possible.


Colonel at KFC

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Burrata Pugliese “Murgella” cheese

I loved Burrata cheese the moment I found out about it.

Its appearance is similar to a poached egg with a creamy centre.

I have always wanted to try it, but it is very expensive compared to other cheeses.
I finally tried it at an Italian restaurant but it was only a small piece but enough to keep me craving for it.
Anyway, out of the blue, I saw some Burrata at the supermarket and it was quite cheap too.

It was packaged in a mini plastic tub containing brine.
Overall the burrata tasted really nice, the centre was slightly springy and I was hoping for more runny cream in the centre oozing out.
The texture was not as silky as the fresh ones, but good enough if you cant get hold of the fresh ones.

Apart from Burrata, Murgella also do other cheeses, there is a cute piggy one called the SMOKED PIGLET which I would love to get hold of.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Man suffers heart attack at heart attack grill

Soft baked Nantucket Dark chocolate cookies

Previously tried the Soft baked Sanibel cookies .

I wanted to try the Sonoma which is dark chocolate and almond cherries but they didnt stock it.

So I bought the Nantucket which is just soft cookies with dark chocolate chunks.
The sweetness was just right, however it did not have that Mrs. Fields cookie magic to it.
The chocolate tasted like cheap cooking chocolate, but there was generous pieces of chocolate in it.

Spice up your life with Jamie Oliver's seasoning

Spicy cowboy seasoning
Blackened herb seasoning
Barbecue seasoning
Fiery jerk seasoning
Piri piri seasoning
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