Thursday, 1 December 2011

V9 Malee vegetable and fruit juice

Saw these fruit juices that were made from vegetables so decided to get them.

There were four flavours:
Purple carrot juice with vegetable and fruit
Beetroot juice with vegetable and fruit
Kiwi juice with vegetable and fruit
Carrot juice with vegetable and fruit.

I did not like carrot so I got the beetroot and the kiwi.

Both of them tasted too syrupy and sweet however the Kiwi juice with vegetables and fruit tasted like white grapes, whereas the beetroot one tasted slightly better but no beetroot taste, however it tasted more like strawberry juice.

It reminds me of V8, but V8 tastes better and natural.
It was impressive because this product is from Thailand and they have English on their website.

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