Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Jack 'n Jill Salted Egg Crisps

Salted Egg is trending at the moment so we are seeing salted egg in everything.
Lots of crisp brands and even fast food chains like KFC and McDonalds have some form of salted egg in their dishes.

Jack 'n Jill has the salted egg crisps too with a difference.

It is different in the sense you have to put the salted egg yolk powder in the bag and shake it.

I liked it that way because I got to taste the crisps without any seasoning and they were just as good as your usual ready salted crisps.

Overall I was really impressed with these crisps because the salted egg flavour and crisps were not sweet like other Chinese brands.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Camellia is not just a garden flower

Earlier this year I discovered Camellia oil because it was awarded 'The Best Natural Cooking Oil' award at Hong Kong LOHAS Award 2019.

Sunplan - Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Camellia Oil is a vegetable oil extracted from Camellia tea seeds which contains all three essential fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 & 9.

Since I have this plant in my garden, I felt compelled to try it because Camellia has always been a pretty flower in the garden.

Camellia Flower tree in my garden now without any flowers because it now past the flowering season.

Before I use any ingredient, I will always smell and taste it so that it can be used accordingly.

I was expecting the oil to have a flowery aroma like the real plant but it didn't which meant you could use the oil for anything like cooking and making cakes.

One of the advantages of Camellia oil is its high smoke point (burning point) which means it is suitable for cooking at high temperatures like frying food.

I used the oil on egg fried rice because egg is the soul of fried rice and it turned out quite well.

It just behaved like normal oil and the fried rice tasted good as you could still taste the egg.

For baking, I happily used the oil in the muffin mixture because it is good for your health and better than using non nutritious oils.

As as well as cooking, it can also be used on hair and skin.

The best thing is that it complies to the FDA which is something I trust.

Sunplan - Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Camellia Oil can be purchased from HKTVmall:

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Singaporean crisps by F.EAST

F.EAST Flavours of The East are a brand of crisps from Singapore that brings you flavours from the East like Hainan Chicken which is a national dish of Singapore.

There are three flavours in the range:
Hainan Chicken, Singapore Laksa and Egg Prata with Fish curry.

As a crisps and cup noodles addict I had to try them all so I was really lucky to get the set.

Here were my thoughts on all the flavours which can be found at 711 and supermarkets that stock them.

Hainan Chicken:
They tasted like a mix of chicken and spring onion flavoured crisps with a touch of ginger.
Overall quite nice because it is a flavour that I can relate to.

Singapore Laksa:
There was a strong coconut smell when this bag of Singapore laksa crisps was opened.
In terms of taste, it was very coconutty and sweet with a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Egg Prata with Fish curry:
The egg prata with Fish curry was super spicy just like those crisps you get from Indian shops.
It tasted similar to Lay's India's Magic Masala which I previously posted.


Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Lime Caviar and its culinary potential in dishes

Ever since I heard about Lime Caviar I have always wanted to try it.
I literally thought they were pearls made with lime juice using molecular gastronomy.

To my excitement, I finally got to see them at Hofex on the second day.

Lime Caviar comes from Finger Limes native to Australia and there are quite a few different colours available.
The best thing is that Finger Limes are all natural and the beauty is that you will find tiny pearls when you slice it open and squeeze it.

These pearls will burst zesty tangy juice so imagine taking dishes to the next level by garnishing oysters or anything that needs a zesty and colourful finish!

You can now get them in tubs which are quick and convenient to serve by spooning them out and sprinkling them on whatever you fancy.

The good news is that you can now get them in Hong Kong through [Eat The Kiwi].

[Eat The Kiwi] offers a good range of New Zealand groceries.

Also at the booth, I spotted some Deer Milk powder which is said to be rich and creamy.
Deer Milk was apparently on the menu at the worlds 50 best in Macau so I wouldn't mind just drinking a pure shot of deer milk to see how it tastes!!

About [Eat The Kiwi]:
Eat The Kiwi was born out of the success of The Produce Company, a business responsible for sourcing and delivering high quality, fresh food to many of New Zealand’s top restaurants since the 80’s.

In the early days they started exporting to Super Yachts and Luxury Hotels in the Pacific but then as they learnt how to provide small consolidated orders to hard to find locations, they decided on taking Eat the Kiwi to the World by hoisting a New Zealand flag.

They landed in Hong Kong in 2015. For the first two years, their carefully chosen, fresh New Zealand ingredients were only available to top restaurants and hotels, but they soon found out that people were eager to access their naturally good food in their own homes too.

In recent years they have opened Eat the Kiwi Offices in Shanghai and Western Samoa.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

World's first frozen Hong Kong Egg Waffles

Eggettes, Egglettes, Eggpuffs, EggWaffles whatever you call them are all the same thing.
These waffles which look like connected semi spheres is a popular street snack in Hong Kong that costs around $18-$60.
Some restaurants have taken them to the next level by serving them in a fancy and high end way.

Now you can get these egg waffles that are frozen and ready to serve just like your usual waffles and pancakes at the local supermarket.

They take a couple minutes in the oven or toaster and you will get that hot, crispy, fluffy egg waffle right in your own home.

I tried them in the oven and they definitely turned out crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

Each box it neatly packaged and you will find two servings boxed in the plastic trays.

As well as the original, there are other flavours available on their website.

Overall, I am very satisfied with these ready to eat egg waffles and hope to see them available at Chinese supermarkets in UK.
The only option I would like to see is a sugar free option so that it won't be too sweet when I add other fancy things like ice cream and other sweet treats.

The size of these waffles makes good egg waffle sandwiches by placing fillings in the middle like the smores waffle I had at Eggsentially Art which came from their booth.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Limited Edition evian® bottles by Inès Longevial

Stylish and fun filled limited edition evian press kit from @evianwater x Inès Longevial.

It was fun trying my hand at painting the mini canvas while hydrating myself with these limited edition bottles of water.

Earlier this month, evian® unveiled a new limited edition bottle by Inès Longevial for International Women’s Day.

The Limited Edition designed bottles capture Inès Longevial’s expression of the evian® Natural Mineral Water’s 15-year long journey through the French Alps
For International Women's Day, evian® has invited for the first time a young French painter, Inès Longevial, to design its iconic annual Limited Edition. Since 2007, evian® has been known to pioneer fashion collaborations, working with such leading designers as Christian Lacroix, Kenzo and Alexander Wang.

For the design of the evian® Limited Edition, Inès Longevial took inspiration from the 15-year long journey of evian® through the French Alps. "The ink stroke symbolizes the journey of the natural mineral water through the rocks of the French Alps, while the flowers represent the blossoming nature on the surface - a source of pleasure" says Inès Longevial. This collaboration not only celebrates creativity and aesthetics but also tells the story of evian®.

The evian® x Inès Longevial Limited Edition bottles are available in two versions - glass bottles (750ml) and Prestige PET bottles.

'Snap and Win!' HONG KONG Promotion
From now till 31st May 2019, stand a chance to win a 3D2N Macau staycation for two worth HKD$8,000 with every purchase of the Inès Longevial Limited Edition bottle.

To participate, all you have to do is:
-   Step 1: Purchase two evian® x Inès Longevial bottles from any participating retail outlet
-   Step 2: Snap a creative photo of two evian® x Inès Longevial bottles
-   Step 3: Upload and hash tag #evianxInesLongevial #evianHK

Friday, 21 December 2018

[FUJIYA] Bake Shop Almond Brownie

Tried the [FUJIYA] Bake Shop Almond Brownie which turned out to be too sweet and dry.

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