Thursday 11 April 2024

ASDA Chocolate caramel spread

Tried the chocolate and caramel separately and the caramel tasted like coffee.
Apart from that, it is a stunning spread in the jar.

Nissin cup noodles - plenty of shrimp

Tastes the same as the regular nissin shrimp noodles but with more shrimps.

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Mars Loaf cake

Mars loaf cake.
Dry and crumbly but goes soft in microwave.
The hard bits of caramel go slightly gooey.
I wasn't quite impressed with the loaf even though you could taste it was malty because the sweetness was stronger than anything.

biotiful baked milk

Biotiful kefir baked milk known as riazhenka.
It reminded me clotted cream which is also processed at high temps but tasted very different.
I found it quite cheesy in taste but cant quite pin point which cheese.
This was bought at wholefoods for 3.49 but it is cheaper on ocado I believe.
After trying baked milk, I think I have tried the complete biotiful range now.

Monday 8 April 2024

Ben & Jerry’s and Tony’s Chocolonely: A Chocolate Love A-Fair experience

Ben & Jerry’s and Tony’s Chocolonely have fallen spoon over bar for each other into a true Chocolate Love A-Fair: 
To celebrate their commitment to ending modern slavery and child labour in the chocolate industry, I attended a walk-through immersive Valentine's experience in Liverpool Street.
There were fun and games as well as chocolate and ice cream to indulge.
After attending the event, you get to take home the chocolate as well as an ice cream coupon to redeem at your convenience.
The whole experience cost 7.50 which was worth it.

They had the latest (Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Strawberry Cheesecake) and Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavour, Chocolatey Love A-Fair, inspired by Tony’s best-selling milk caramel sea salt bar and available in both dairy and non-dairy.
Overall, I was bowled over by how tasty these chocolates were especially the Strawberry Cheesecake as a non white chocolate fan.
The strawberry cheesecake was seriously moreish because it has large chunks of chewy dehydrated strawberries and chunky biscuit pieces which makes them different.
Same with the chocolate fudge brownie, I loved the chunks of brownie biscuit in it.

The ice creams were both good but strangely the vegan one tasted better as it was not too rich or sweet.

Sunday 7 April 2024

Bar Harbor Food - Clam Juice, Clam chowder and minced clams review

Came across Bar Harbor Clam products because they had a booth at IFE which really got my attention as I love clams. 
I was so lucky get my hands on their products to try especially the Clam juice and the Clam Chowder which you can't get more American than a can from America!!
The guy at the booth was really friendly and told me about different chowders.
You get different Clam Chowders in every region like Manhattan chowder which uses tomato, Rhode Island chowder which has red potatoes and there is also Key West Chowder.
I wish there was a chowder bar serving all these different options.
As with clam juice, it is often added to bloody Mary.
I started with the minced clams which were really tasty on their own and great on salads and pastas.
The clam brine was the star of the show, it had this lovely umami taste to it and your lips get a little sticky.
I had some with crackers which were amazing.
Next was the clam juice, I tried it straight from the bottle and it tasted like clams from the sea with some salty kick to it, however it did not have that umami like the brine from the can.
Adding it to tomato juice gave it more dimension.
Last but not least the clam chowder, it was creamy and wholesome with pieces of clam in the soup.
Overall, I really enjoyed the Bar Harbor range and definitely recommend it.

Italian San Carlo Lime & Pink Pepper flavour potato chips (crisps)

This is probably my first time having Italian crisps because I rarely see them at the shops.
The reason I got this was the pink pepper.
It was a nice pairing of lime and pink pepper, the crisps look just like the pictures with pink specks.
The crisps had a nice texture and thickness and they were not too hard or soft.
Flavour wise, I felt that the pink pepper could have been stronger.

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