Monday, 17 February 2020

[Restaurant Review] Shatkora Kebab at Whitechapel Fried Chicken

Mile End and Stepney Green have changed so much, there used be lots of fried chicken shops, Middle eastern grocery shops but the whole scene has changed since the London Olympics in 2012.
Areas surrounding Stratford have gentrified and with lots of QM students nearby, coffee shops are a must!

My favourite Perfect Fried Chicken shop has been replaced by Green pepper or something like that and the one opposite Stepney Green station is also gone.

For more fried chicken shops, you have to venture into the Whitechapel side where there is Whitechapel fried chicken and Perfect Fried chicken which is round the corner from Barclays banks.
For convenience Whitechapel is right outside Whitechapel station and this joint has the Shatkora Kebab which is kebab with Shatkora a citrus fruit from Bangladesh.
You would be surprised how busy this branch was as there were so many people.

Anyway, ordered a Shatkora kebab to dine there.

Kebab these days are just not the same because they don't stuff the doner meat inside the bread like how they used to.
It was comforting having the Shatkora kebab again but the citrus flavours were not strong enough and the doner meat was a little dry or it would have been perfect.

[Review] Eggless cakes at Cake Zone Croydon

There are currently two branches of Cake Zone in London at the moment, both on London Road.
I went to the Cake Zone on near Croydon for the eggless cakes.

Unfortunately, the selection was smaller than anticipated because I thought they had eclairs and other goodies according to google map.

For the eggless cakes, there were six choices and they all cost £2 per slice.
There was chocolate, black forest, coconut, strawberry, pistachio and rose to choose from.

It was quite difficult to choose even though it was only six choices but basically it was either the chocolate sponge or the Victoria Sponge.
From the cabinet, the coconut looks the best in terms of the sponge and cream but as pistachio is not always offered I went for that.
As for the chocolate sponge, it was either the black forest or the chocolate slice but as the chocolate cream looked like buttercream I went for the black forest.

Overall I was really impressed with these cakes compared to Cake Box because they are fluffier and the sweetness is just right.
The cream for the black forest is a winner here because it is light and fluffy.
Compared to Cake Box, the slices are smaller and do not look as fancy as Cake Box, Same goes with the packaging as it does not have tailored made boxes and sleeves which make it difficult when you carry it home.

[Review] Dark Chocolate Mint Heart Krispy Kreme Donut

For Valentine's Krispy Kreme have launched three heart shaped donuts:

1)Dark Chocolate Mint Heart
2)Nutella filled Nutty Chocolatta
3)White Chocolate Berry Heart

If it wasn't for these new flavours, I doubt I would go to Krispy Kreme again.
The dark chocolate appealed to me so I got the dark chocolate mint heart.
The icing wasn't bad but the crispy bits on top were rancid so it really ruined it.

[Review] Freshly made naan at Shadi Bakery

Shadi Bakery is an amazing joint in West Croydon and now there is another branch in Hounslow according to the internet.
Discovered Shadi Bakery in 2016 when I was at West Croydon.
The naans are freshly made and only cost ‎£1 for 3 back then and they still do now.

As I have already tried the naan, this time I had the Zahter Naan which was also £1.

The Zahter naan was amazing and the naan was consistently good as before, it was soft, yeasty with a slight resistance.
The zahter topping was aromatic and I think there was a slight lemon taste as well.
It so was impressive because it so was delicious and non greasy.
Will be back to try something else.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

[Review] Aldi Garlic Baguette

Found the Aldi Garlic Baguette in the fridge so decided to try it.
To be honest, I didn't realize it was from Aldi until I looked at the ingredients but I liked the packaging as you it looked nice and simple.

After looking at the ingredients, I wasn't that impressed because it was margarine and not butter but then the good thing is that vegetarians can eat it.
It wasn't pleasant taking it out from the wrapper because you get your fingers greasy.

Overall, the garlic baguette tasted ok if you bake it just right but the garlic spread was little too oily for my liking.

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