Friday, 28 August 2015

Pretzel bacon potato sticks by Golden Fuji

Seemingly Japanese but they are a brand from China.

Sir Charles fruit Mix gelee

Tried these fruit jellies which were very sugary and sweet.
The only flavours I liked were strawberry.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Baby Charlotte potato salad by Marks and Spencers

This was a box of ready to eat potato salad which was mixed with salad onions and mayonnaise.
It was nice and creamy with crisp sweet onions but the potatoes could have been softer.

Strawberry & Dorset clotted cream scones by Marks and Spencers

Got this because I love clotted cream and it seemed delicious the fact that it had Dorset clotted cream in it.

I couldn’t quite taste the cream because it was mixed into the scone but the pieces of strawberry were quite fragrant and it was not too sweet.
To conclude, it would definitely taste good with some whipped cream!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Ampol Food Beverages

Discovered some drinks by Ampol food, which come from Thailand.
There are two series Vfit and Pro-fit.

It was good because they had English as well as Thai and they have sugar free selections as well.

There was a good selection of rice drinks and they even had jobs tear cereal milk.
jobs tear cereal milk:

young rice milk:

germinated brown rice drink:

All of them were pleasant to drink, rice was the best because it is naturally sweet.

Vfit series:
Pro-fit series:

Myojo Ippei-Chan Yakisoba with mayo 一平ちゃん 夜店の焼

I got these noodles because there were about three fun sauces/condiments inside to put in the noodles: Japanese style mayonnaise, seasoning and sauce.

When you peel back the lid, the dehydrated vegetables are already with the noodles and the other three sachets of sauces are separate.

The reason I liked the packaging is that these noodles need to drained and they have designed some holes where the water can be drained.

There are three other noodles in this series that have mayonnaise but the website does not have ENGLISH!!!

From the online translations the other flavours appear to be mustard, mentaiko and sea salt and the other one I cant quite make out.

Anyway, the noodles tasted delicious, although my pictures do not look as good as the ones in the video because I did not take photos of the condiments mixed.

Myojo Ippei-Chan Yakisoba mentaiko flavour with butter taste mayo:
Myojo website:

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Calbee Jagabee Potato Sticks Spicy Cheese mushroom flavoured

I found out that there was a new Yuzu pepper flavour for Calbee Jagabee Potato Sticks but couldn’t find it anywhere so I ended up getting the Spicy Cheese mushroom flavour.

It tasted better than I expected because I was worried the spiciness would taste weird with the cheese and mushroom but it was not at all spicy.

The potato sticks were really good because you could actually taste and smell the cheesy mushroom aroma, which is similar to that taste you get in burgers.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Trappist Dairy Carrot Low Fat milk drink

Tried this carrot flavoured milk by 十字牌 Trappist Dairy and it was quite nice.
Luckily there was a faint aftertaste of carrot but I think it tastes like yoghurt flavoured milk.

十字牌甘筍低脂牛奶 Trappist Dairy Carrot Low Fat milk drink:

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hong Kong Nissin’s new chili pepper crab cup noodle

Discovered two new Nissin cup noodle flavours: Black pepper crab and Chili crab.
Both seem to be inspired by Singapore as shown on the label.

Chili crab:

The Chili crab flavour is quite hot and there are lots of chili pepper pieces in it that make it taste hot.

Not much crab taste but you can smell and taste paprika.
If you have tried Nissin’s Tom Yum Kung flavour, I would rate it as spicier than that.

Other flavours in this series Black pepper crab.

Hong Kong Nissin’s new black pepper crab cup noodle

Discovered two new Nissin cup noodle flavours: Black pepper crab and Chili crab.
Both seem to be inspired by Singapore as shown on the label.

Black pepper crab:

Tried this one first because I wasn’t sure how hot the Chili was going to be.
I liked the black cup design and there were some instructions, which say that you can microwave it.
In the cup noodles you can see some dehydrated purple onions, very fancy!

The noodles were ready to eat quite soon after pouring boiling water and didn’t need microwaving.
As for the taste, it had a strong black pepper taste but you can’t really taste crab in the broth.

Other flavours in this series Chili crab. NissinChilicrab.html

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