Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ottogi cheese bokki

Got these cup noodles that were cheese flavoured.

They are Korean and the instructions did not make sense to me so I guessed the instructions.

I poured boiling water to the level marking on the outside of the bowl which is lower than the indented ridge in the bowl and then added the cheese powder.

After a while the noodles were soft and ready to eat.

I did not like it at all because the texture of the noodles were foamy and the cheese did not taste like cheese.
It just tasted like milk powder with a hint of cheese and it was sweet.


  1. You are supposed to poke holes through the lid with your chopsticks and pour the water out after the noodles have softened. Then add the cheese and seasoning packets. I miss that stuff!

  2. i like this noodles. It should be drained first and before mixing the powder.

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  4. Where did you get this. I love it so much, had one of those while i was at HK. -.- i've been looking and looking now and i can't find any of those in Melbourne. Any ideas where i can get it? most asian store in melbourne don't stock them.

    1. you mean this?

  5. Hi! I recently tried Cheese Bokki and I was looking for bloggers who share my happy experience with this unique cheese flavoured noodle cup :) I used to eat it with "undrained" water too. I just love to drink the cheese soup brought by the powder hhahaha
    Have a great day ahead!


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