Thursday, 14 June 2012

Meko 100% pure coconut water

Finally found my favourite drink in Hong Kong.
Instant coconut water without needing to buy it from the market stalls and having it opened.

I have tried other brands before in Hong Kong which are also made with coconut water and contain coco de nata or young coconut but the drinks are heavily sweetened.
Coconut water tastes so nice on its own so I don't know why they were sweetened.

In England the brand we have is Rubicon and they come in 250ml cartons and I would buy them in packs of 30s.
The closest drink to that in Hong Kong lately was Pearl Royals coconut water which was only sold for a short period of time at TASTE.

Anyway when I saw this one it reminded me of Pearl Royals especially the design with the fuscia pink flower on the top corner.

MEKO's coconut water comes in a can and it is 310ml which is interesting because most cans are 330ml.
Anyway the colour of the drink was pale yellow and the taste of it was like fresh coconut water and of course it tasted 99% natrual because it was unsweetned and the 1% of unatural taste goes to preservatives but that cant be avoided!

Anyway its really nice and the only one in the market in HK that is not sweetened so I will get some more.

The drink was hard to find because not all Circle K stores had it and the one that had it was in Sai Kung, the drink was placed near the hinge of the fridge door which was hard to spot.

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