Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Uni President Jah Jang noodles 統一麵 巷口乾麵炸醬風味

統一麵 巷口乾麵炸醬風味
Again there is no English name but it is labelled UNIF Xiang Kou Dried Noodle- Fried Bean Sauce Flavour on a sticky label stuck on the packet by the importer.

In general the noodles by Uni President are good however for this particular flavour there is a brand that is really nice, sold in the Chinese supermarkets in UK.

So how does this one compare?
The noodles were thicker than that brand and it takes longer to go soft.
The texture of the noodles were extremely al dente and perhaps too chewy for me, so in conclusion I prefer the other brand because of the noodles, but the sauce tastes the same.

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