Saturday, 23 November 2013

got milk? Magic straws

I have always wanted to try these magic straws that are said to flavour your milk.

Finally saw a place that had them and tried the chocolate.

They had other flavours too:
Wild berry, cookies and cream, orange and cream, chocolate and strawberry.
For the full range see:
NEW fun flavors coming in 2014!
Cotton Candy, Banana Split, Candy Corn and Rootbeer Float
Limited edition flavors!
Neapolitan, Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Candy Cane

I tried the chocolate and it was really nice because the milk is flavoured instantly by chocolate and it is not too sweet.
It makes plain milk taste better and a good way to increase daily calcium intake.
Basically, the straw is filled with tiny balls of compressed chocolate powder so that when you suck the straw, the milk is flavoured by the chocolate when it passes up the straw.

Someone drinking it!
(Obviously not my hand because he has a really chubby hand)

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