Saturday, 23 November 2013

Otsuka SOYSH sparkling soy water

The small white pearlescent bottle caught my attention.

After taking a closer look, I realized it was Sparkling soy water! How interesting because I have never seen soy water before.

Usually soymilk comes in milk form so I was really curious whether the drink would be clear of milky!~

It is interesting because from their website, they are a pharmaceutical company.

I am not sure if the drink contains alcohol but the English labelling from the supermarket says: soy cider!

There was an interesting ring pull design to open the bottle, once it was opened, the drink inside was a milky white colour.

The taste was quite milky and smooth but not too sweet with a fizz.

There was a really nasty artificial banana smell with a hint of banana and minty aftertaste just like medicine probably because it is produced by a pharmaceutical company!
Also from their website, SoyJoy bars are made by them too which I have tried before.

I would love to try the Fruity Tomato soyjoy bar and the Prune Fe Plus soyjoy bar if I could find them.

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