Friday, 1 November 2019

[Review] Youngs Fisherman's Pie 320G

I have been eating Youngs Fisherman Pie for years and it is still consistently good.
It has pieces of Alaska Pollock Fillet in a Cheese and Chive Sauce Topped with Partially Reconstituted Mashed Potato and Cheddar Cheese.
The pie can be found at most supermarkets ranging from 1GBP-1.5GBP.

To prepare, you can either put it in the oven or microwave.
Obviously the oven would give better results but I microwaved it because it was quicker.
When it was ready, there was a delicious cheesy parsley aroma.
In terms of portion size, it would do as a light lunch.

The creamy sauce was simply delicious and not too overwhelming.

The chunks of fish had a good texture but the only complaint was the small piece of fish bone.

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