Sunday, 10 November 2019

[Review] Iceland Beef Filled Yorkshire Pudding 320g

Iceland offers a good range of instant meals for a pound so I thought it would be good to try them and see how they fare.
Tried the Iceland Beef Filled Yorkshire Pudding 320g which involves more steps than other meals that require just the oven or microwave.

First you have to put the Yorkshire in the oven while the filling is heated separately in the microwave or boiled in a bag.

Despite the extra steps, the beef filled Yorkshire pudding tasted so good that I would definitely get it again.
The Yorkshire was crisp like how it should be with a slightly soft base while the gravy was moreish accompanied by the peas and baby carrots.

As for the beef, it was thinly sliced beef like the stuff you get in school dinners so it was comforting.

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